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Is It Safe to Smoke Delta 8 Flowers

Have you heard of the term THC or tetrahydrocannabinol? Yes, you got it right. It is the compound found in marijuana. But did you know that there are subdivisions even in THC? The most popular THC for a long time has been delta 9. However, its close cousin now owns the cannabis market.

Delta 8 THC extracted from a hemp plant or from the isomerization of CBD grows in fame. Its sales in the US cannabis market grew by 144% from April 2020 to April 2021.

The wide range of benefits of the flower with mild psychotic effects is the most significant reason behind the growing popularity of the flower. However, the question is to what extent do we smoke it delta 8 flowers is it safe If that’s your concern, this article is for you. Through it, you will learn about the benefits, side effects, and alternatives to delta smoking 8.

Effects of Delta smoking 8

First, you need to know the benefits and side effects of delta 8 flowers in general. It will help you understand if smoking delta 8 is good or not.

Benefits of Delta Smoking 8

  • If you are looking for a mild psychotic effect with the benefits of THC, Delta 8 is your preferred option.
  • Delta 8 has antiemetic effects. According to research, it also benefits children who go through nausea as an effect of chemotherapy.
  • Delta 8 is an appetite stimulant. People who have tried marijuana before may already know the craving caused by it. Delta 8 is comparatively powerful. So, if you want to take a proper diet, delta 8 can help you.
  • According to research by the National Cancer Institute, delta -8 exhibits anxiolytic effects. It could be confused as a compound that gives you psychotic impacts to calm you down simultaneously. But delta 8 relaxes the human body in various ways. It improves fire and also offers anti-anxiety effects.
  • Delta 8 is an analgesic. If you are going through acute or chronic pain, delta 8 is here for you. According to research on the effects of THC, delta 8 is effective in neuropathic and central pain. It also maintains various hormones, such as glutamate, serotonin and dopamine, in the body.

So, these are the positive effects of delta 8. However, this does not mean that smoking is safe.

Delta Side Effects 8

Consumption of delta 8 can cause dry mouth. However, it is not linked to dehydration. Instead, it is due to salivary glands. You can increase your water intake to maintain the situation.

It has a temporary effect that comes with delta 8. It stays on until the compound actively works the body. It could make your eyes red but it doesn’t cause any discomfort in most cases. However, you can use a moisturizing drop to overcome the dryness.

Many people have gone through a sensation of taking a nap after consuming delta 8. The effect comes with fatigue, poor concentration, amazement and cerebral fog. It happens mostly with high doses. If you are consuming a small dose of delta 8, you do not have to worry about that.

If you have consumed too much delta 8 THC, you may find it difficult to drive. It could become dangerous for you. That is why it is advisable to avoid driving under the influence of THC. So, try to consume it only when you don’t have to drive anywhere. Once the delta 8 effect goes away, you can move on.

  • Could Bring Trouble

Although delta 8 is slightly psychotic, it is still a liquid. Thus, he could activate a drug test.

These are some of the side effects or side effects of delta 8 THC in general. But what about smoking?

Have you ever tried to smoke delta 9 THC? If yes, it is easier for you to understand the effects of smoking delta 8 flowers. The difference between the delta 8 and delta 9 smoking effects is like drinking a glass of juice and a bottle.

Delta 8 THC is a lighter oil. Unlike delta 9 oil which is green-yellow (almost similar to olive oil), delta 8 oil is mostly lighter. Its appearance corresponds to that of water. Being relatively mild psychotic of delta 9 THC, delta 8 is useful in various situations.

Most people consume or approach smoking cannabis to escape their smoking habit. However, smoking can create some side effects. Undoubtedly, smoking delta 8 is a safer option compared to smoking tobacco, but it cannot be said to be the safest. Here are some alternatives you can look for.

Alternative of Smoking Delta 8

If you want the benefits of delta 8 but don’t want the effects of smoking, you can go for other available options. Here is a list of them with their features.

Features Gummies Oils Themed creams
Comfort to consume Easier to consume. Just take a shot and enjoy the benefits. Easier to consume. Put the dropper behind your tongue and leave it in the oil. You can also vape Delta 8 vaping oil. The easiest method for pain in the joints, etc.
Bioavailability Low bioavailability since it follows the path of digestion before mixing with blood. High bioavailability as it mixes directly with the blood. High bioavailability as it mixes directly with the blood.
Flavors A wide range of flavors is available. It offers great taste. Great flavors are available for vaping. Flavors are not required. However, it is sometimes mixed with other compounds to enrich the results.
Dose Easy to estimate the dose as you can cut the gums and take an accurate dose. It is difficult to estimate the exact dose. It is not easy to estimate the amount you require.
Cun One of the vital cons is that it takes time to see the effect. I couldn’t like the taste. If you want to taste the compound, it is not possible with cream. In addition, it is used primarily as an analgesic.


The Delta 8 THC market is highly unregulated. Sometimes, people make an impact because of low-quality or impure products. So, before you buy, make sure you check everything well. Also, since research is limited, there is less knowledge of the lasting effects of this cannabinoid. However, with a thriving market and a growing research, you will soon learn more about its pros and cons.

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