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Hungry Hungry Narcos: Police filmed eating marijuana edibles during a pharmacy raid

By Oscar Pascual |

A group of Orange County police officers drew national attention when they raided a dispensary in Santa Ana to clear out the store’s selection of marijuana edibles.

Video of the agents quickly went viral in June, when the collective’s attorney, Matthew Pappas, released edited footage to point to the questionable behavior of the agents, KTLA-TV originally reported.

Aside from the officers’ snack time, a female officer was filmed one of the pharmacy’s customers – a disabled amputee patient.

“I was about to kick her in the fucking lump,” the cop was caught saying.

But after editing the footage, some have come to the conclusion that the video has been expertly cut to make it look like they’re eating the store inventory.

“I don’t know if that is [a marijuana] edible. where went [the officer] get it?” said Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas in a June interview with: Voice of OC. “Is that a protein bar or an edible one?”

That “protein bar” can now be confirmed as an actual edible jar based on full and unedited footage from the pharmacy raid, obtained by the OC Weekly.

The Weekly reports that while agents were busy tossing the store’s product into boxes as evidence, one of the agents specifically mentioned “vault number two” and noted that “there are some pretty nice chocolate bars over there.”

The officer then appears to take something from the safe and returns to the lobby to unpack the medicinal chocolate and share it with three of his fellow officers.

“Those candy bars are pretty tasty”, a cop is heard to say. “However, I feel a little light-headed.”

The Weekly has not released the video for public viewing, which would contain hours of surveillance footage from four separate cameras.

For now, the edited version can still be viewed on YouTube.

Photo credit: YouTube

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