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How To Set Up a Cheap Hemp Photography Studio? 


Today, we can testify that the photography industry has undergone many technical innovations in a short time. Most people now own smartphones with excellent cameras, which they can use for anything from making a movie to having a professional photo shoot for their cannabis-based products.

As good quality cameras have become more affordable, many people have even set up their home photography studios from scratch. The best ones use their home studios to develop promotional materials for marijuana dispensaries or stock images for blogs and earn a lot of money.

However, you may find it confusing if you want to do your own photo studio, especially if you want to take pictures of cannabis. Because you may lack experience in photography in general, this article can help you learn how to do a home photography studio from scratch without spending a lot of money.


Before you dive into making your own hemp photography studio and finding the objects you want to shoot is crucial to finding the best possible background. We recommend that you use simple, straightforward wallpapers that will not catch the viewer’s attention.

So, you can use something as simple as plain white paper or any other type of background. Keep in mind that the background will be different when you install it and adjust your lighting accordingly.

Detailed backgrounds can also be a good choice in some cases, as long as you try to emphasize the object you shot and not the background behind it. We also recommend using external backgrounds to give your cannabis photography a more “natural” touch.

Lighting is important


Once you’ve set your background, make sure you find as many lamps as you can if you want to emphasize the colors of the object you’re shooting. About 3-4 lamps will be enough to illuminate your object.

You can also experiment with natural light because it gives you a more organic result. You can also use shadows from other objects to create an exciting composition. However, studio lighting brings more detail and makes your photos look more professional and expensive.

Proper lighting will help you eliminate any unnecessary shadows and irregularities and bring out the vivid colors of the cannabis you shoot in the foreground. It will be even easier for you to understand how to adjust your exposure, ISO, brightness, contrast and other settings while shooting any type of object.

Play with the composition

This step has a lot to do with your creativity and visual taste. The composition represents the background of the exclusive photo, the lighting, the details, the colors and the visual presentation. It also has a lot to do with your overall photography style.

Photography composition can help capture the attention of your viewers faster, and can also help you develop your photography style. Whenever you try different things each time, you will get different photos.

So try to capture as many angles as possible and experiment with different background colors and patterns. This way, you will have more photos to choose from and decide which ones will become the best.

Pay attention to the details!


Every photographer should pay attention to the smallest details if they want to intensify their photography game to the next level. The details make your photos interesting and unique, and can even show a certain vibe that you want to achieve.

You can get exceptional details by using background objects, shadows, different lighting parameters, different textures, materials, and motion experimentation. However, make sure that the details do not get in the way of the object you are shooting.

Your sense of detail can also define your style of photography. You can also have fun emphasizing the colors of cannabis in many ways. We encourage you to take every chance you have to try new things every time you do a photo shoot.


Finally, it is also important to experiment in as many different ways as possible. Experimenting with different textures, backgrounds, colors, objects, and lighting settings can make your photos more professional.

Even if you may be new to photography, try to work your way up to capture as many different photos as possible. Don’t forget – the more you practice, the happier you’ll be with your photos.

Product shooting can be an exciting experience, and can help you understand how professional shooting works. You can also help them make a visual presentation of your brand and showcase your products in the best possible way.


Homemade photography studios can be a fun experience. You can also save a lot of money and avoid buying expensive equipment, and we hope you enjoy and have fun with your photoshoots. Because hemp offers amazing color palettes, we hope you will have exciting photos for your branded products.

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