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How Much to Tip Weed Delivery Drivers and Why You Should 

As weed delivery services have become legal in many states, more and more consumers prefer to have it delivered to their door. Similar to the delivery of food, it is equally appropriate to give advice to workers and drivers of the cannabis industry.

Although not required by law, it is the right thing to tip weed delivery types like cleaners, waiters and other professionals. Cannabis delivery drivers are paid a wide range of tips, from nothing to a specific percentage of the purchase price.

What about weed delivery drivers?

Most people do not hesitate to give generous tips to waiters, barbers and taxi drivers, however, the same courtesy is not given to weed delivery drivers. Although delivery drivers receive salaries and other benefits, it is important to appreciate their services with tips.

A driver who delivers orders in a remote and difficult location deserves a tip for his efforts. There is no specific amount for delivery drivers, it depends on the person receiving the order. No matter the amount, you should offer money or other rewards to appreciate their services.

As a general rule, tip an extra 15% to 20% of the purchase price to weed delivery drivers. If the order was delivered to a difficult place, it would not hurt to pay a little extra money to the driver to deliver the order to you.

Depending on the quality of the services and the condition of the order, you can choose not to tip the delivery driver.

Why should I tip weed delivery drivers?

The tip you should give depends on the quality of the service, for example, consider giving a tip if the driver was rude and messed up your order. If the driver was friendly, sent the order promptly, and went the extra mile to answer any question, offering 15% to 20% of the purchase price as a token of appreciation.

The answer to whether or not you should tip a weed delivery guy is a resounding yes, here’s why you should tip:

  • risk – Being a cannabis delivery driver is a risky job and the driver is the target of thieves and drug dealers on the street. Recognize the risk the driver takes to deliver hundreds of dollars worth of items.
  • Reliance on Tips – Even if they get salary and benefits, a few extra dollars will help them make ends meet.
  • Place of delivery – If the driver had to jump through hoops and find it difficult to get to the place, compensate for his efforts by giving generous tips.
  • Quality of Service – If the driver answers your questions and goes the extra mile to have the order delivered in excellent condition, show appreciation by offering extra cash or equivalent cash prizes.


The amount of tip that should be given to the delivery guy depends entirely on you and the quality of service you received. If the driver provides quality services, pay a tip, however, make sure you stay within the budget.

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