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How Down: The Flower Girls’ Introduction to Cannabis Appreciation

Cannabis consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area have access to a vast selection of the best quality cannabis in the world. Our local flowers are grown by passionate artisans whose wisdom and experience span generations. Such a cornucopia should be well appreciated.

There’s no need to be a pretentious weed snob, but a well-trained approach to medical cannabis will allow you to get the most medicine for your money while enjoying one of life’s finest pleasures as a true connoisseur .

Personal preferences vary, of course, but to improve your cannabis experience, consider the following recommendations:

Stop and smell the flowers.

The effects of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are enhanced and modified by terpenes, which are oily organic compounds that provide both aromas and medicinal benefits. When you smell a cannabis flower, you smell terpenes, which is similar to inhaling essential oils as aromatherapy.

Think carefully about what kind of cannabis you use and for what purpose.

Different strains can have drastically different effects, so make a conscious choice as to why you use a particular strain.

When a pharmacy describes a strain as a sativa or sativa dominant, you can expect it to give a more uplifting, energetic, cerebral high, while a strain labeled indica or indica dominant should have a more lethargic, calming, physical stone. to have. However, these classifications are quite simplistic and do not take into account terpenes, which have a crucial influence on the nature and nuance of the effect. In addition, the same strain can have different effects on different people.

The best way to determine which strains work best for you is to keep a list of all the different strains you’ve tried, along with your impressions of their effects. You should mention the pharmacy or collective that supplied each strain and you may also find it worth noting prices as well as notes on aroma and taste. Learning the genetics of your favorite and least favorite strains will give you a useful key to understanding your observations.

Protect your cannabis with proper storage.

Cannabis flowers are covered in trichomes that secrete the resin responsible for most of the plant’s medical and psychoactive effects. If the delicate balls of resin at the end of each trichome are damaged, or if the cannabis flower becomes too dry, terpenes evaporate quickly, losing aroma and certain desired effects. To maintain vigor and freshness, cannabis flowers should be stored in airtight glass jars in a dark, cool place.

Grind your cannabis.

Breaking open a cannabis flower with your fingers removes too much cannabinoid-laden resin. Use a titanium or stainless steel grinder instead. A grinder without a kief catcher is preferred, as a flower’s resin is best consumed when fresh, and kief collected in a grinder will quickly become dry and stale.

Photo credit: Jonathan Piccolo/flickr

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