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How Does A Whip Compare To A Balloon For Cannabis Vaping? 

You can get the most out of cannabis vaping with a whip or balloon vaporizer. Both methods provide the same benefits, but you must choose one to enjoy cannabis vaping.

Using a whip allows you to vape instantly, while a balloon offers portability. Most beginners may confuse the whip with balloon vaporizers for cannabis vaping.

This article demystifies everything there is to understand and differentiate between globe vs.

What is a whip?

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/hyqTZZXQUYg

Whip vaporizing is the most common form of cannabis vaping among vaping enthusiasts. It is the most traditional way to draw vapors from a vaporizer. Most desktop vapes come with a long tube made of medical grade silicone plastic. The whips are easily connected to a chamber where the steam comes out of the device to enjoy your flavors.

A whip lets you know how much you’re vaping by tracking. Once connected to the chamber, it delivers steam directly to the mouth. There are different types of whips in the market. You can find whips in different sizes and can serve group sessions.

There are many advantages of the cannabis vaporizer. It allows you to inhale dense vapor because you can control how you inhale. Slow inhalation brings more vapors while increasing the intensity brings strong and massive hits because a lot of air is in the vaporized material. Vapers like it because the number of hits you have is not limited by the size of the bag, since you can get more hits than a balloon vaporizer.

The most common disadvantage of using a whip vaporizer is the hot vapor that reaches the mouth. When vaping, the hot vapor can cause you to cough while you adjust or get used to the temperature. Even the length of the tube does not cool the vapor once it reaches the mouth. For beginners and those who are not familiar with the whip vaporizer, the heat can shock you when you are not careful.

What is balloon style vaporization?

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/b3seL60dV8A

Vape enthusiasts came up with the idea of ​​trapping vapor in a plastic bag to make the vaporizer portable. The balloon is a plastic bag usually attached to the vaporizer that fills with vapor. When ready, the user can start vaping using a nozzle at the end of the bag.

In balloon-style vaporization, you simply place the open end of the plastic bag into the vaporizer’s connector chamber, turn on the heat and fan to force the vapor into the balloon, and inflate to the desired size. It does not have a difficult learning curve compared to a whip vaporizer, where you have to learn how to control the density of the vapor. Just wait for the balloon to fill with vapor and start vaping. The amount of effort does not depend on the speed of formulation.

A balloon style cannabis vaporizer requires tabletop vaporizers with an internal fan to force air out of the chamber and into the balloon. The good news is that a vaporizer that supports a balloon can also support a whip.

The main benefit of a balloon vaporizer is its portability because once the balloon is full, you can go with it anywhere and enjoy it with friends. This is different from a whip vaporizer that requires you to stay in one place. The quality of vapor in a balloon vaporizer is also smooth compared to the whip vaporizer and offers a rich flavor that lasts for a while.

Comparison between a whip and a balloon vape

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/x1w4399HA74

The best advantage of using cannabis vaping balloons is that you can take them wherever you are at home. You won’t need to carry a heavy vaporizer to enjoy vaping cannabis. With a whip vaporizer, you won’t be able to wear it because the tube is attached.

A whip vaporizer is mainly made with glass, which makes them fragile to break most of the time compared to balloons. On the other hand, the steam in a balloon does not last long. This vapor can last only 10 minutes, which can affect your vaping experience.

While in the whip steam, the size of the shot does not depend on the size of the bag. Your vaping experience with balloon vaping depends on the size of the bag. It will take time to change the material when using a whip vaporizer compared to balloon vaporizers. When using balloon vape, the vaping time depends on the amount of water in the bag.

The vapors from a balloon vaporizer are more relaxed than those coming straight from a whisk. When you inhale the vapors from a balloon vaporizer, you will not have any irritation or cough. This vape allows you to enjoy and inhale a fresh vape, thanks to the space in the balloon. You will not have to worry that the shots can damage your lungs or throat.

Which tabletop vaporizer is the best?

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/fVrKz3mAsPs

You have to consider several factors before determining which vaping is best for your needs. The difference between a cannabis vaping and a balloon depends on the flavors of weed you want to experience, how much you want, and the density of vapor. Once you know what you want, the vaping experience can be excellent with the whip or balloon.


Before moving on to the tabletop vaporizer, you must understand and differentiate balloon from whip vaporizers. It’s the only way to enjoy all the flavors you want from your cannabis vaporization. Both the balloon and the whip provide the same benefits, although you still have to choose one over the other. This article has provided the differences between the two methods.

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