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Hedonist Tablehopper is jumping into cannabis with the new low-dose edibles venture mymilligram, intended for ‘a microdoser in a world of severe heat’.

San Francisco’s hippest food-and-dining blog just launched a new spin-off that adds more than a dash of spice. The wildly popular Tablehopper e-column of the restaurant scene has been an invaluable resource for local restaurants and bar gossip, reviews, guidebooks and celebrity sightings for over 10 years. But now Tablehopper is jumping into the edible marijuana game with mymilligram, a new blog and weekly newsletter sure to get you the munchies.

“The intersection of food and drink and cannabis is my idea of ​​heaven,” said Tablehopper herself, Marcia Gagliardi, SF Evergreen. “With mymilligram, I’m taking everything I’ve learned as a restaurant columnist for the past 15 years about how I judge food and drink, and apply that to cannabis.”

Tablehopper is a cult hit institution that has been around longer than Twitter, Instagram or even smartphones. “I’ve been emailing the Tablehopper column every Tuesday for 12 years – since 2006!” gagliarsays di. “Now I’ve switched to biweekly to have enough time to write and publish mymilligram on Thursday.”

While there is a mymilligram website, you get more nuggets of cannabis conversations in the weekly newsletter. That newsletter features product features and tips on events or “enhanced” cultural activities, while the website posts a new feature every week about low-dose edibles, or powders and tinctures that add a little spice to your food.

Tablehopper’s imprint has been all over the Bay Area’s food scene, with much more than just her influential (and extremely brash) website. Gagliardi regularly contributes KQED radio, has moderated panels with chef Jacques Pépin and published The Tablehopper Guide to Eating and Drinking in San Francisco. Her over-the-top, after-hours dinners for chefs are an industry legend, and she’s a repeat SF Weekly Winner of the “Best Of San Francisco” award as the best local food porn source.

“I like to joke, I eat for thousands!” says Gagliardi. “I also warn people that my Instagram feed
@tablehopper makes you fat.”

But her new cannabis venture isn’t for fat-packing, it’s for those seeking low-dose thrills. “As a Northern California native, cannabis is part of our food and life pyramid here,” she says. “But over the years, cannabis just became way too strong for me and I stopped enjoying consuming it.

“A friend pointed me to CBD a few years ago,” recalls GagIiardi. “I started using cannabis olive oil, Pot d’Huile, which is completely measurable, and realized I could take charge of setting my dosage and feel really good on 5mg.

“I realized that I am a microdoser in a world of heavy hitters,” she adds. “I didn’t see anyone talking to the canna-curious public the way I wish someone would talk to me a few years ago when I started exploring.”

“I’d go to a pharmacy and a budtender would try and sell me the highest THC flower and potent edibles. I’m like, ‘Uh, what’s your weakest shit?’ They would look at me in disbelief.”

Mymilligram acts as a curator exchange center for edible recommendations for gourmet microdoses, as well as methods of “micro-adjusting” products for stress relief or creativity. “Low and slow doesn’t have to be just for beginners. It may actually be the way tostop and enjoy cannabis daily and for a long time,” says Gagliardi. “You don’t need much to enjoy the plant’s many benefits.”

Of course, the mymilligram site and newsletter launched around 4/20 this year. But the official launch party was at Dogpatch hotspot The Midway last week, with a range of (non-infused) offerings such as chef Liza Shaw’s pizza bianca and Gio Gelati’s coconut gelato.

“I called it my canna-food rave,” she says. “I wanted the launch event to be a feast for the senses and really bring the electricity and energy of the mymilligram brand to life.

“It was the last week of the She Bends show at The Midway Gallery, so the party had a backdrop of 32 provocative neon artworks by female benders, with music from Micropixie – I mean, perfect, right? – a spatial audio listening experience, projections throughout the space and 12 tables with top sponsors of cannabis products offering non-medicinal snacks and education.

Even if you missed that event, mymilligram still has plenty of edible goodness insights and tips on reliable microdosing.

“I’m here to be a trusted guide for the canna-curious,” Tablehopper tells us. “I really care how things are grown, produced and made. I will only list high quality and low dose products in mymilligrams that I believe in, enjoy and have confidence in their quality and measurability.”

And Tablehopper will choose a themed box of edibles for you, or even sign up with a recurring subscription to a new box of her favorite new edible releases every month.

“I’ve partnered with Sava for local delivery and fulfillment here in the Bay Area,” she says. “They carry the mymilligram curated boxes, which contain my favorite products and my beginner’s guide to exploring their dosage as they go low and slow.”

For a deeper dive into small doses, Tablehopper also hosts a new personalized educational event series to walk you through the ins and outs of infused edibles.

“The first was about microdosing and going through the products in the mymilligram boxes,” she says. “I’m hosting a second one at the end of June – subscribe to deets!”

By subscribing, she means her weekly newsletter which you can sign up for at mymilligram.com (after checking a box to ensure you are at least 21 years old). That weekly dose of microdosing delivers the same humor as the Tablehopper blog you’ve loved for a long time, with great advice for the softcore marijuana fan.

“So many people have had traumatic and overwhelming experiences with cannabis in their past, and paranoia is a common complaint,” says Gagliardi. “It doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you suffer from pain, anxiety, sleeping problems, or just want to drink some wine after work and try another way to relax.

“Life is hard, especiallyRight now in these crazy times,” she adds, “so I would like to help people get some ease, a good feeling, connection in a natural and low-dose way.”

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