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Honey jar: My dear, I’m home

Honey Pot sets the pot in California wildflower honey to harvest one of the most elegant edible treats in town.

There are not many foodies food-friendly options among the cookies, brownies, and gummies in edible sections of the pharmacy. You will find a few premium chocolate items, but chocolate bars have only so much use in entertaining.

Top cannabis chefs recommend a life hack for an infused hedonist. They drizzle savory dishes with infused olive oil and sweet dishes with infused honey.

Monterey Counties honey jar delivers that delicious gooey honey in a four-ounce bottle that’s one-third the size of the standard grocery store honey bear squeezer. It’s very potent, so you only need a teaspoon at a time.

Honey Pot is definitely on the artisanal end of the edibles spectrum, though it lacks chic design or packaging. Aside from the word “cannabis” flashing across the label, it looks like something you’d see on a nice things shelf at Trader Joe’s.

It has only three ingredients: wildflower honey, coconut oil, and cannabis oil. This mix produces a surprisingly thick, creamy brew that’s much tastier than the aisle variety.

Honey Pot’s label comes with some dosage recommendations. In general, half a teaspoon is good for beginners, and a tablespoon will satisfy experienced users.

A small serving cup is included for measuring doses, and measuring spoons work too. But this is baby, folks. Expect to encounter a certain amount of sticky mess.

If you eat it raw – like peanut butter-on-a-spoon raw – you’ll notice a hint of cannabis aftertaste. If you sprinkle Honey Pot on a dessert or dissolve it in a drink, you will only taste the honey flavor as an addition to your food or drink.

This is a full THC creation and we experienced the first “infused” effects about 10-15 minutes after ingesting the honey.

The head high is sweet, and there’s some neck and shoulder buzz too. Your joints ā€” your body’s joints, that is ā€” may move a little more slowly, but social interaction is fine.

Group party situations are where this infused honey shines. Honey is very versatile with desserts, coffee, tea or your favorite munchie, and guests can dose individual doses to their liking.

Honey Pot is the rare edible cannabis that can impress even sophisticated culinary tastes. Not only is it infused with marijuana, it has an exceptional honey flavor that takes it right out of the jar.

Potency: Good times. The 100 milligrams of THC per bottle is the legal maximum in a California edible product. Just break that down into any dose you want.
Odor: Surprisingly, it has very little odor compared to most honey or honey products.

Taste: A richness and thickness beyond that of regular store-bought honey. It’s like comparing heavy whipping cream to milk.

Appearance: Darker and thicker than regular honey, yet with a warm, shimmering sheen.

Medical Application: We felt some muscle-relaxing effects on the upper body, but it’s more of a mood enhancer.

Effect: Serve Honey Pot at dinners or parties with cannabis crowds, and you’ll have the hive buzzing.


Available in San Francisco at the Vapor Room. Visit honeypotproducts.com for details.

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