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Hits from the Bhang

Cypress Hill is back to drive you crazy with a hip new line of collector’s edition cannabis products.

Hip-hop superstars Cypress Hill have been smoking bong hits in plain sight since the early ’90s, when we still had to sneak around smoking weed in private. Now that cannabis is legal, the band is celebrating its stoner legacy with a joint venture that packs potent strain weed into flashy Cypress Hill themed collector’s edition containers.

This new line of marijuana conversation pieces is called Cypress Hill Bhang, a collaboration with Oakland’s Bhang Chocolate. But these treats are not chocolates. One is a quarter-ounce top-shelf flower in a new crystal skull jar, the other is a six-piece “cassette tape stash box” that mimics the look of an old-school mixtape.

This is all a promotion to coincide with the release of Cypress Hill’s new album Elephants on acid. But for the purposes of this review, we’ll only consider the merits of the packaging and quality of the weed in these retail items that cost $125 for the quarter-ounce skull jar and $65 for the 3.6-gram joint box (before taxes). ).

As you would expect from the Cypress Hill ethos, the weed is very strong. The cannabis in the skull pot is your choice of high THC strains cherry bomb or Zookie’s, while the pre-rolls are packed with the deliciously grueling Mendo Breath.

You’re paying for the very nice packaging factor here, and both containers are here to stay. The skull is a pretty standard Spencer’s Gifts design, but the bucket hat lid does a great job of keeping the buds fresh. The cassette tape is a great little visual joke and the connections inside are carefully well rolled and sturdy.

These gift-style items are a limited release and currently only available in San Francisco at Bloom Room or through the Bud.com delivery service. A few pharmacies in Berkeley and Oakland have them too, and these collectibles may become more widely available as we get closer to the holiday season.

Both items cost about $20 more than you would pay for the same amount of cannabis in a regular non-Cypress-Hill themed package. So for a small additional cost, Bhang products are a nice trinket for weed collectors or Cypress Hill fans who want to get high, so high.

Potency: The two types of weed in the skull pot and the joints both contain over 20 percent THC, which would not only kill a man, but instead leave a smoker with a blissful headache.

Odor: The raw flower in the crystal skull has a subtle scent of black pepper, while the joints are a bit more stinky with a moist, oaky aroma.

Taste: The pre-rolls are nicely filtered, but their taste is still quite hard and smoky. The strains of buds are better able to keep their spicy, ginger-like profile in the pretty glass jar.

Appearance: The collector cases are hit-of-the-party novelties, and the joints are clearly rolled with great attention to detail.

Medical Application: Sticky-icky that numbs your brain, in containers that stimulate your eyes.

Effect: These collectibles will instantly become the coolest items on your stash pot or shelf, remaining useful canisters long after the original weed has gone out (like that).


Available in San Francisco at Bloom Room or via delivery at Bud.com. Visit cypressbhang.com for details.

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