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Himalaya is a player who puts powerful ‘mound sauce’ in vape cartridges

NorCal vape cartridge artisans Himalaya update their seasonal menu with new “high-end mound sauce” oil extracts to match the power of shatter or wax.

Even mountain climbing pot smokers may not know that Hindu Kusho is named after a historically significant mountain range in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are home to the Earth’s highest peaks, so you’ll see where Sacramento’s vape cartridge producer Himalayas continues by choosing that name.

The company specializes in incredibly potent, small-batch vape oil from cannabis grown on independent family farms in Northern California. As such, their offerings change often, as does an organic restaurant’s seasonal menu.

They classify their newest varieties as ‘terpsaus’, a hardcore cannabis geek term for concentrate with added terpenes and cannabinoids for extra potency and flavor. Terp sauce delivers all the kick of wax or shatter, but can come in the much more convenient vape cartridge format for those of us who don’t have a dab rig.

Two new cartridge strains contain a sativa called Dream Queen (81 percent THC) and an indica kashmir (83 percent THC, and also named after a valley in the Himalayas). We have seen another hybrid species called Cookies on a few local pharmacy shelves, all in intricately designed colorful embossed boxes with a pretty sweet mountain logo.

This terp sauce oil does indeed blast your brain to the heights of cooking wax or crush. The Dream Queen strain is a little lower in THC and easier for creativity or conversation, while the Kashmir strain is just an overnight knockout.

This latest batch of Himalayan vape pen oils is priced in the mid-range cartridge range, at $40 for the half gram and under $65 for a full gram. That’s an even better value when you understand how high they get you.

Himalaya also has a one-touch vape pen that just didn’t work for us right out of the box. These vape pens are currently not for sale at San Francisco dispensaries, only the individual, single cartridges. But if you see both offered on an online delivery service, go for the Himalaya cartridge and not the pen.

The Himalayan concentrate oil cartridges provide top shelf mood swings at a mid-range price, and they are well worth it. But buying the vape pen may turn out to be a sunken price.

Potency: Over 80 percent THC in each strain, so be prepared to cough hard and buzz louder.

Odor: The vape smoke is not completely odorless as these carts create a very light, cleaner version of a cannabis smoke scent.

Taste: The indica strain Kashmir has a smooth vanilla-like taste. The sativa Dream Queen tastes like oak and more sober.

Appearance: These are nice and sturdy cartridges in the standard version that are compatible with the standard vape pen, packed in a beautifully illustrated box.

Medical Application: Call on Dream Queen for creative, social or artistic scenarios and Kashmir for serious relaxation.

Effect: An excellent NorCal bred oil concentrate specimen for vape pen enthusiasts who want to get really high, but the pen is no more powerful than the mound sauce.


Available in San Francisco at both Harvest off Mission and Harvest on Geary locations. Visit himalayavapor.com for details.

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