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Heavy Hitters 1G Vape Cartridge

Are vapes now a return to a more uncertain time?

Something funny happened then legal cannabis arrived. Before that, consumers never knew exactly what they were getting. How powerful was the brownie you bought from a friendly stranger in Golden Gate Park? Could you really trust that the eighth you bought from that neighborhood dealer was really Berry White?

Then came Theorem 215 in 1996, and with it regulations providing guarantees on aspects of cannabis ranging from origin to strength. After the success of Theorem 64, it became even more nuanced. When we walk into a pharmacy these days, we can be as picky as we want to be. The business of modern cannabis is now more like a visit to Whole Foods (minus Amazon), where customers can express their preferences for particular dosages, terpene profiles and more.

Although edibles and flowers are being monitored more carefully than ever before, you can’t help but see a parallel between yesterday’s mysterious brownies and today’s highly successful vape cartridge market. To be clear, the oils in these cartridges have certainly been labeled and tested with the same veracity as other forms of cannabis, but based on personal experience alone, the results are much more chaotic.

Take for example Heavy Hitters‘ line of one gram “high-potency” vape cartridges. Despite the fact that many brands continue to emphasize the strength of their products – in contrast to the rising demand for more low-dose, “micro” options – not all oils are created equal. Sometimes one can brag about its ability to get the job done with confidence, but consumers can rest assured that when it comes to Heavy Hitters, the name isn’t just lip service.

Using my trusty Jeremy Fish”Aquariums“battery as a base, I took a hit from” strawberry cough fully prepared to follow it up with another. There was no need for such plans: one puff of a Heavy Hitters cartridge is all that anyone but the most seasoned of weed smokers needs for a substantial and long-lasting body high.

The flavor wasn’t overly infused with strawberry, but I’m fine with that. Improving the flavor profiles of oils with artificial flavors has never been a recipe for success in my book – and the folks at Heavy Hitters seem to agree.

Available in 20 variants including: Pink Kush, northern Lights, Grape Monkey, and Skywalker OG, Heavy Hitters are not concerned with subtlety. While it’s not overwhelming, don’t indulge in a session if you’re hoping to be productive for the next two hours. It’s a good fit for a couch and some streaming, but in the case of Strawberry Cough, it’s definitely not an option for more creativity or coziness.

While it’s certainly unfair to accuse a product that calls itself “Heavy Hitters” of false advertising, you should never view a label’s proclamations as gospel truth. This is partly because different strains affect us differently, but it also reflects a new undeniable truth in the industry: we are all still figuring out how we will react to vaping cannabis and should proceed with due caution.

Potency: strong! One hit of a Heavy Hitters vape cartridge will have you flying high. Proceed carefully.

Odor: The Strawberry Cough cartridge I tasted didn’t smell much different from concentrated cannabis, which I honestly think is fine. This is definitely a product with an aroma and so not to take outside if the smell of cannabis is an issue.

Taste: Again, the strawberry notes were minimal at best, but I always prefer no flavor over an artificial alternative. Vape cartridges must not be Starbursts. Essentially, it tastes like potent, compact cannabis.

Appearance: Standard vape cartridge that fits any generic battery pen.

Medical Application: Heavy Hitters is definitely a brand that is more focused on getting you super high than focusing on any element of nuance. That said, some people need a very large dose to experience relief. If that’s you, Heavy Hitters might be something to consider.

Effect: A classic “in the couch” high that leaves you uninterested in much more than watching television and snacking extensively.


Heavy Hitters 1G vape cartridges retail for $60, available at pharmacies throughout the Bay Area.

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