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Handpipe Sessions: How to Improve Them 

Unboxing a beautiful new hand pipe is an exciting experience. When you see your new pipe up close, the urge to hit it up and smoke is strong.

However, making your hand pipe session fun takes a few things. Here are some tips to enjoy your new pipe while making sure it lasts a long time.

How to care for a new hand pipe?

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The first thing you should do is inspect your pipe to make sure it is free of damage or defects. Session Goods takes time to quality check every pipe they send out. Once you’re satisfied that your pipe looks good, give it a quick rinse with hot water to remove any dust or debris that may have gotten inside during shipping. You want to make sure your first bowl is fresh and tasty. If you don’t wash your pipe, you can accidentally burn non-cannabis particles in the pipe, which will give you the taste and harm.

The first bowl you take from your new pipe is an unforgettable experience. To start, grind some nugs and break down a piece of weed to put in the bottom of the cup. This smaller piece of marijuana acts as a stopper to prevent your pipe from leaking. Place the remaining soil bud on top and press until it is completely packed. In particular, packing your bowl too tightly creates a restricted air path, making it difficult to hit the pipe.

The best way to clean a pipe

Cleaning your pipe is necessary to improve your handpipe sessions, but there are numerous methods. Whichever method you choose will be a combination of what works best for the material and type of pipe you have and your personal preference. Home solutions, specialty solutions, and even simple methods such as boiling water or salt water are available to clean pipes.

How to clean a silicone pipe?

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More importantly, silicone tubes can be cleaned using the same step-by-step procedure as glass tubes. However, silicone pipes have many advantages, especially for those who worry about damaging their pipes: you can boil bongs or silicone pipes all day and expect a super clean pipe at the end.

Significantly, many silicone tubes can be disassembled, making thorough cleaning much simpler.

When choosing a cleaner for your pipes, you have many options. Simple options include alcohol and salt. However, suppose you prefer to use homemade solutions. In this case, you can use vinegar and baking soda, where the vinegar acts as a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and the baking soda creates bubbles, which help to clean the pipe.

Also, commercial cleaners are available if you prefer not to make your own cleaning solution or want to avoid damaging your pipe.

  • Clean a glass pipe with boiling water

Boiling water is the most effective way to clean a glass pipe. However, just because this method is the most effective for removing resin does not imply that you should use it on all glass pipes. The use of boiling water presents significant risks.

To begin with, you risk severe burns on hot water, the pipe or the stove. Second, this is the most likely method to damage a glass pipe. Boiling water can overstress the glass, causing it to break, especially if you have an old pipe.

How to clean a wooden pipe?

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For the best experience, use a dry pipe cleaner regularly. It can be challenging to determine when a deeper cleaning is needed. However, if your smoke starts to taste salty, it’s time for a proper cleaning.

It is important to remember to let wood and tobacco pipes sit after deep cleaning. Allow the alcohol to dry and evaporate for an improved hand pipe session, or you may be in for a less pleasant surprise.

How to clean a metal pipe?

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When cleaning metal pipes, there are a few additional factors to consider. A filter filter with metal tubes, for example, is a component that must be cleaned well and cleaned. Because metal pipes accumulate larger residues than other materials, scraping off as much as possible before soaking will go a long way.

Consider the following suggestions to improve your hand pipe sessions

You want to mess with the inside of your pipe, and a good poker is the best tool for the job. The poker is a metal stick with a socket on one end that allows you to easily dig into your pipe.

To ensure that there is no additional taste of butane or gas in your success, light a string of beeswax and hemp with a lighter and touch it to your bowl.

A high quality protective bag that you can zip up to keep your pipe safe is a must-have for any pipe collector. Pipe bags can be soft cloth bags or hard shell bags for additional protection.

  • A glass filter or screen

A screen fits into the bottom of the bowl of your pipe and covers the hole while allowing the smoke to pass through.

When it comes to towels, however, they come in two sizes. Smaller cloths are intended for daily cleaning. After touching the ash, dab the inside of the pipe bowl to ensure your next smoking session is fresh and tasty. Larger cloths are ideal for general cleaning.

Bottom line

It is unpleasant enough to smoke from a dirty pipe. Unpleasant sensations include a burning taste in the mouth and pieces of resin.

Dirty pipes can carry toxic substances, and the spread of germs, mold or tar residues is preferable in terms of adverse health consequences.

Cleaning your smoking items regularly is critical to improving your hand session and will only improve the overall experience. It’s a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it.

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