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At first glance, the Cookie Family’s Gelato #41 strain looks like the kind of moist bomb bud that will give you hallucinatory adventures in the eighth dimension. But looks can be deceiving, and this Gelato is actually an ideal and clean daytime smoke.

The bright, neon-orange hairs and powerful edginess of this Girl Scout Cookie-Sunset Sherbet hybrid may look intimidating, but Gelato #41 lets you get things done instead of putting you in.

Girl Scout Cookie strains are known for their overwhelming THC content, and Gelato #41 is one of the most potent. Still, it’s a fantastic functional smoke. This Gelato will not give you any of the physical or mental lethargy that often comes with high THC levels.

Honestly, I’m having trouble coming up with a better Girl Scout Cookie variety for fighting paranoia or anxiety than Gelato #41.

Many drugs are called “mood-altering substances,” but many of them don’t change your mood. Gelato #41 certainly does, and for the better. This phenotype provides a clean, feel-good head high that effectively erases your mental fears and puts you in a positive space for productivity.

I wouldn’t call the buzz euphoric; it’s more that Gelato #41 puts you in a nice, pleasant mood and keeps you in a nice, pleasant mood, providing the rare buzz that deters procrastination rather than causing it. If you’re stuck in an afternoon filled with cleaning, spreadsheets, or other household chores, Gelato #41 will help keep your chin up and your focus intact.

The physical effects of Gelato #41 are not that remarkable. You will likely feel some relaxation in your muscle joints, or possibly get relief from arthritic pain. But there are plenty of other varieties that are much better for that. Heck, there’s another kind of Cookie Fam’s Gelato that’s better for pain relief (Gelato #33, for example).

Gelato #41 is highly recommended to smoke during the day to dispel anxiety, depression and bad feelings. If you’re in an environment where you can become anxious or scared when taking medication, Gelato #41 is the right strain. It excels at eliminating nervousness and makes you happy like a kid going to get an ice cream.

Potency: THCa 28.8% THC 0.58% CBDa 00.6%

Appearance: Covered in more orange hairs than I’ve ever seen on a bud, with bright orange pistils and silvery crystals so profuse they hide almost all the greenery.

Flavour: Fruity and citrusy, but not like soda or candy. This pheno carries the scent of real fruit.

Taste: A deep and robust lavender flavor that you would not expect from a Girl Scout Cookie hybrid, not sweet but very thick and smooth.

Effect: A nice “pick-me-up” in terms of mood and energy. Some noticeable physical relaxation in your joints, but the value of Gelato #41 is in the mood-altering head high.

Medical Applicability: Highly recommended for anxiety, depression or paranoia. Some value for joint pain or soreness, but that’s not the main feature here.

General impression: A cerebral, happy high without paranoia or thought paralysis. This is the rare top-shelf premium smoke that also works well for daytime productivity.

Available at:
Cookies SF
5234 Mission St., San Francisco

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