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Free marijuana!? Yes, for new Eaze users until February 14th

by Chris Roberts |

Cannabis delivery facilitator Eaze — the San Francisco-based startup described as “the Uber of marijuana” (at least if competitors like San Francisco’s Meadow don’t borrow the phrase) — is offering a free bag of weed to every first-time user.

Yes: a free eighth, because you’re not doing anything special except being a legal medical cannabis patient in California and picking up the phone and placing an order via mobile internet (your computer will suffice too).

How or why do they do this? Does it matter? For some people, sure, so allow us to explain.

Eaze and Meadow are competitors. They offer more or less the same promise: order some cannabis via your smartphone (neither service has an app, thanks to a total kybosh from Google and Apple) and then see a delivery person show up at your door in minutes. Less than 10 minutes in some cases.

Meadow stole some of the spotlight this week with the announcement Wednesday that it had secured $120,000 in seed funding from noted accelerator Y Combinator.

Eaze may not need the money: Its founder, Keith McCarty, was the fourth employee of Yammer, which was acquired by Microsoft for $1.2 billion. But who doesn’t need publicity – and who doesn’t need free weed?

McCarty says Eaze, which started in San Francisco, is now located in 34 cities in the East Bay, Peninsula and some South Bay cities. He’s also confident that anyone who tries the service once will use it again, so giving away a free pot isn’t a bad idea. At worst, a loss leader.

The free cannabis is worth $35 for each new user, which should be enough to cover an eighth. To access it, enter the promo code EAZE4ALL at www.eazeup.com.

Eaze now offers cannabis from South of Market mainstay SPARC, as well as the now famous Cookie Co.

This story also appears in SF Weekly‘s Snitch news blog.

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