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Film opening, gala to mark 15 years for OU, first cannabis college

Logo of the University of Oaksterdam

The first cannabis university in the world, Oaksterdam Universitywill celebrate its 15th Anniversary by organizing a big after-party for a screening of American Pot Story: Oaksterdam. The sneak preview will feature its critically acclaimed and award-winning filmmakers, Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus, and is part of the 20th Annual Oakland International Film Festival (OIFF).

Well-known cannabis activist Richard Lee owned an Oakland dispensary when he founded OU in 2007, with a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on cannabis cultivation courses. Lee went on to write and sponsor Prop 19, the 2010 voter initiative that came within four percentage points of legalizing marijuana in California. After a massive federal raid in 2012, Dale Sky Jones took over the university’s programs and ran them for the past ten years. The institution continues to expand its online curriculum.

The “event of the decade” took place on September 24, 2022, at the legendary Fox Theatre in Oakland, California. CLICK HERE to RSVP, sponsor, or donate to The ONE (Oaksterdam Nonprofit for Education). For more information, contact Priscilla Agoncillo at [email protected]

Film screening, alumni meeting, party

Gianni Oaksterdam Museum 2011 plant
Oaksterdam’s “Measure Z” headquarters became the OU campus, then the headquarters for the Prop 19 campaign and finally the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum before a federal raid shut the place down. Classes start again the next day.

The evening of September 24th will include a screening of the film followed by an alumni gathering after party and complete with confirmed attendance from luminaries, elected officials, press, cannabis industry legends and celebrities. In addition to an exclusive networking event, Oaksterdam will share never-before-seen history and present awards to notable figures advocating for cannabis policy reform that will celebrate the last decade of change.

“The ONE produces this event to honor the contribution of the University of Oaksterdam to the world in providing education about cannabis and helping to shape the laws that cannabis businesses and consumers enjoy so freely today,” he says . Priscilla AgoncilloChairwoman of The ONE and Executive Producer for the event.

“Most importantly, we offer a path to end federal prohibition, raising awareness of the continued incarceration of nonviolent cannabis offenders, often women of color and mothers, creating another generation of trauma. We have the power to end this failure and the plan to do

Numerous groups collaborate on the festivities of September 24

David Roach, co-founder and director of the film festival, says the film shows the emotional victories and losses a group of people faced when their sense of purpose challenged big business and the federal government. “The documentary American Pot Story: Oaksterdam He takes shots that capture the sacrifices made by the city of Oakland, California, to turn their beliefs and relentless determination into reality,” he says.

Oakterdam’s Nonprofit for Education (U ONE)a 501 (c) (3), will produce the event in partnership with Students for Sensitive Drug Policy (SSDP), Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Cannabis Talk 101 iHeart Radio. All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. One hundred percent of the profits will be used to finance scholarships, and re-entry programs for those affected by the prohibition of marijuana and who are trying to enter the cannabis industry.

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