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Energy drink gives boost to cannabis buzz

From accountants to law firms to chemists to corporate management, the majority of professionals who consume cannabis and support the industry are responsible, hard-working adults. They want the medicinal or psychological benefits of cannabis – but not necessarily the feeling of being stoned or couch lock fights when they have work to do or just want to have fun with friends.

This is why the Dutch have so famously combined cannabis with coffee, even calling their cannabis shops “coffeeshops”. Some people get a lift from smoking weed…and others need a little spice to go with their weed.

Many people in Massachusetts are now turning to a new THC-infused energy shot, Shakti Green Lit, for the same reason. It was created by a local African-American couple with roots in cannabis and health. Its synergistic balance of 5mg of nano-emulsified cannabis extract to 100mg of caffeine, combined with a proprietary blend of Vitamins B12, B6, B3 and L-Taurine, L-Theanine provides an immediate, smooth and euphoric effect.

Family, equity business

Mompoint and Stringer.

Unlike many other products found on dispensary shelves that often leave users feeling sluggish or mentally foggy, Maur Stringer and Cynthia Mompoint designed Shakti Green Lit to enhance “energy, capacity, strength, effort, power and capacity”, as hinted by the name of the product. . It was developed in collaboration with Revolutionary Clinics.

The compact 1.93 fl oz beverage pack (the same size as an Energy® 5-hour) makes an ideal delivery system for workouts, social gatherings and other smoke-free situations that can be elevated with a fire pit and a change of perspective. At 2mg of sugar per bottle, both the lemon green tea and strawberry lemonade varieties can be accommodated by even the strictest diets.

The husband and wife team has had its roots firmly planted in cannabis cultivation for decades. Maur is a survivor of the Drug War. His first major scar came as a felony conviction for selling a class A substance (marijuana) to a minor, even though he was a minor himself at the time. At only 14, he was tried and punished as an adult. After years of black and gray market operations, Maur is excited to finally “go legal.”

Cynthia’s relationship with cannabis is primarily therapeutic in nature. The plant helped her safely and comfortably deliver the last two of the couple’s four children. As a Massachusetts Economic Empowerment certificate holder and an approved Social Equity Participant, he authored the MA Marijuana Social Equity Report, an independent white paper.

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