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Endocannabinoid conference set for June in Missouri

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The 15th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapy, sponsored by Out of Time Patients and entitled The endocannabinoid system is over, is scheduled for June 9 – 11 in Kansas City, Missouri. Some of the presentations will be usable for Continuing Medical Education credits (see calendar for details).

“We have come a long way since 1995 when we began our mission to educate health professionals and the public about the therapeutic use of cannabis,” said Mary Lynn (ML) Mathre, RN, MSN, President & Co-Founder, Patients Out. of time. The group, now 26, held its international online conference last year and is leading an effort to remove cannabis from the federal drug calendar.

“Most states now recognize and accept cannabis as a medicine, although there are still too many restrictions and barriers to safe and reasonable access to this medicine for many patients.”

Patients out of time change their mission to address a broader goal of patients ’needs, including, but not limited to, ending the cannabis ban and working to abolish this healing plant.

“The Endocannabinoid System & Beyond is a new and exciting area of ​​healthcare that addresses healing and symptoms,” Mathre said. “Our overall goal is to provide this content to those who need it and those who can use it to care for their patients and teach their colleagues. The more educated we are, the more we can advance quality care for all. That’s why Patients Out of Time is so proud to present the Cannabis Education Academy (ACE) as its partner to lead the 15th conference in person and virtually.

“We are all part of history as we move closer to having cannabis fully recognized for its healing properties. Join us to seize this historic opportunity to shape the future of medical cannabis therapy. Working together we can magnify our educational outreach. not only to those who attend the program live, but to countless others through our virtual coverage of conference proceedings.

Register now for the 15th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics.

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