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Don’t be afraid of the Ghost MV1

There is a learning curve – but boy, is it worth it.

Have you ever been chased by? insufficient vapor? Have the ghosts of weak batteries and inconsistent performance come groaning outside your window? Even for some of the most acclaimed brands in the industry, building the perfect vaporizer remains an elusive goal. That is still the case, but the Ghost MV1 may be as close as we’ve come.

The first thing to know about this rechargeable crushed flower and concentrate unit is that it is not designed to stay in your pocket. Technically, the MV1 is portable, but this dense piece of hardware is ideally suited for stationary activities. To be fair, the MV1’s weight also means it’s much less easy to lose – a problem that plagues even the most observant consumer from time to time.

More importantly, the MV1’s design isn’t just about providing users with a replacement door stopper. Instead, most of the space is earmarked for a portable battery. What do you say? A portable battery? Yes! The MV1 may not be the only vaporizer on the market that eschews portability over battery life, but it may well be the highest-quality device to make that call. One can charge the MV1 with a USB port and by removing the battery and charging it with a dock accessory. The latter provides a much faster charge — under an hour versus several hours via USB — as long as you remember to dock the battery after use.

The Ghost MV1 also offers a number of other useful features, including a well-designed app for remotely controlling the temperature and adjusting settings. Those concerned about how their vaporizer will look will be happy to hear that the unit is available in five finishes: Black Chrome, rose gold, Nickel, Satin Silver, and Stealth Edition (also called black). Basically, the MV1 has all the capabilities and customizations you’d expect from a device that basically costs $300. What sets it apart from the competition is its patented heating technology – the Ghost heats up quickly, finds your ideal temperature and stays there for as long as you want.

For anyone wondering that this isn’t a requirement for a luxury vaporizer, you’re not wrong. Almost any model that costs even half of what the MV1 sells will come with personalized temperature settings and a claim that it can reach the desired heat in seconds. The MV1 heats up quickly, although it would be more accurate to classify it as “less than a minute” than “in seconds”. More than the time savings, it is the quality of the vapor produced that sets this vaporizer in a class of its own.

The process that produces this rich vapor is why some consumers may not want to bother with the MV1. This is definitely a device with a learning curve. It’s not that the device is very difficult to understand – although it is one of the more complex options on the market – but simply that the ideal results will only come with a little experimentation.

Unlike most portable vaporizers that have an oven built into the unit, the Ghost MV1 uses a portable crucible that is removed from the unit, packed with flour or concentrate and then placed back into the unit. These crucibles aren’t very generous in volume, so it’s pretty handy to have four or five around. That way you can pack several crucibles before consuming it with a large group and not worry about pausing halfway through to reload.

What you need to discover for yourself is exactly how full you want your crucibles to be. The quality and density of vapor varies depending on how tightly the material is packed, so it’s best to mess around. The same can also be said about how finely the flour is ground and what temperature best suits these multiple variables – all of which will change based on the species.

It is important to clarify that consumers should not expect a sub-optimal experience if they do not have the patience to experiment with different packs, temps and grinds. This is a quality vape no matter how intricate you want to explore it, but if you’re willing to put in the time, the vape is frankly second to none. Since the MV1 is an “on demand” vaporizer – meaning that the flower is heated for the duration desired by the consumer rather than holding the temperature for a set amount of time – there is something undeniably fresher about the vapor this device produces . As someone who likes dense, thick vapor, the MV1 delivers in that regard too.

If the thought of adding a few extra steps to your vaporizing ritual doesn’t put you off, the Ghost MV1 will reward you for your efforts.


Ghost MV1 ($295) is available at ghostvapes.com.

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