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Do you smoke “Blood Weed”?

By Oscar Pascual |

According to author Don Winslow, the marijuana you smoke may have been contaminated by the deaths of innocent people.

The New York Times bestselling author was interviewed by by HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss his new novel, “The Cartel,” a fictional story based on true events about a DEA agent’s struggles in the failing War on Drugs.

Winslow believes that people should be aware of the origins of their weed, otherwise they may be supporting the work of vicious cartels.

“It’s always been blood weed,” Winslow told the… After.

Although cartel production of marijuana has declined significantly since legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana has spread in more than half of the US, the drug trade in many states continues to supply marijuana to black markets — including those with legal marijuana laws.

“You must know where it came from,” said Winslow. “You should know where it’s coming from, because you know, there are tractor-trailers driving through Mexico every day, and much of it is produced by slave labor. It was sent to you by people who are mass murderers. …I don’t want to hurt anyone’s high, but it’s very possible that the weed you smoke does have blood.”

America’s burgeoning cannabis industry has made great strides in providing high-quality marijuana legally grown by professional growers, such as using technology that tracks marijuana from seed to sale. Companies such as Bio-Tech and MJ Freeway provide software to ensure that weed found in state-run pharmacies has been grown legally and responsibly.

Winslow points out that everyone should be as concerned about the origin of their weed as they are about their food and coffee: “How can you be so picky about buying only fair-trade coffee and then going home smoking drugs produced by women? that gang rape, kidnapping and murder and all that?”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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