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Dab like an Oscar Loser with the Haze Vaporizer

By SF Evergreen Staff |

What do Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch and Wes Anderson all have in common? They all possess (whether they know it or not) a safer and healthier way to consume cannabis, thanks to their inferior movie-making skills.

As Oscar losers, each of the above Hollywood stars is entitled to a $125,000 swag bag distributed by the Academy to nominees who went home empty-handed.

The $25,000 astrology sessions and international travel include a small, portable $250 box.

This would be The Haze, a “two-chamber aromatherapy vaporizer,” and the first healthy way to smoke marijuana ever awarded as an Oscar consolation prize.

The Haze, which retails for $250, is a little more complex than a simple vape pen. First, those double chambers: small, ashtray-like metal buckets that can hold a variety of oils, “e-liquids,” or, ahem, “waxy blends.”

This is a fancy way of saying you can vape flavored tobacco liquids if you have to, but the Haze will also turn your 80% THC shatter and your favorite Girl Scout Cookies into a more carbon-free haze.

And thanks to those dual chambers, you can hit one and then the other in quick succession, switching back and forth with a simple switch near the button to activate the heating mechanism.


The Haze fits in a breast pocket or in a small runway-ready clutch. After your favorite hit is heated, hits are taken through a metal or glass straw that hides when not in use.

It requires some assembly and some careful skill: Swapping the dab bucket for the screen that picks up leafy greens isn’t best done in the bathroom of an event venue, and certainly not in the Uber on the way there. “Driver, stop here: I’ve lost this fingernail-sized bucket and the dab that was in it” is no way to start an evening.


Once that learning curve is overcome, however, it is easy to see why the Haze is described by its creators as an industry leader. It is ideal for a user of both cannabis and tobacco – switching from one bowl to another is easy.

Be careful when reloading because inevitably you will. For the losers, the Haze might provide a dollop of inspiration for next year. As long as they don’t lose that dab bucket.

Haze, $250
Available at VapeWorld.

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