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Cup season: The Cannabis Cup is now the Champions League of Weed

by Oscar Pascual |

Legendary pot publication High times celebrated the Southern California Medical Cannabis Cup last weekend, holding the first of several US Cups this year.

Peter Dante, friend of Adam Sandler, pushes his Nexus Glass.

Peter Dante, friend of Adam Sandler, pushes his Nexus Glass.

The two-day festival awarded prizes to the best cannabis products, flowers and extracts So Cal has to offer. But it is only the first step to true greatness.

The original Cannabis Cup took place in Amsterdam in 1988 and continued for nearly two decades as the one and only marijuana awards ceremony until the first domestic Cup came in San Francisco. As legalization has since spread to other states, the US Cup series has now expanded to six, with events scheduled in Southern California, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Michigan and Seattle this year.

The number of Cup events tied to the geographical divisions makes the Cannabis Cup almost akin to some of the best sports tournaments to watch, not unlike March Madness or the UEFA Champions League.

After the best selections have been chosen from each cup, all regional winners may as well make it to the championship final in Amsterdam at the end of the year. Some recent Amsterdam winners have come through American competition, such as Greenwolf Pharmacy in Los Angeles, Oasis Medical Seeds in Michigan and Tahoe Wellness Cooperative in Lake Tahoe.

Berner signs a medical cannabis recommendation from a fan.

Berner signs a medical cannabis recommendation from a fan.

In fact, the Greenwolf dispensary in Los Angeles has shown recent Cup dominance on a par with Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga, winning the Best Import Hash category in Amsterdam last year. They quickly followed up the weekend by taking home a total of seven SoCal Cup trophies, and are set to appear on the big Dutch ticket again this year.

The next Cup is scheduled in Denver for 420 weekend where they could potentially produce a Chelsea or Juventus. The San Francisco Cup will follow in June, when the Bay Area will crown its future Manchester United.

Cup of madness. It’s a perfect time to catch it.

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