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Creepy cannabis treats for a Halloween high

With only a few days left until Halloween, and with cases of COVID-19 surfacing across the country, it’s painfully clear that throwing a spooky party or handing out candy just isn’t possible. to trick-or-treaters. But just because it wouldn’t be socially responsible to throw a fancy dress party or open your door to a parade of masked munchkins, doesn’t mean you can’t mark the occasion and have a little fun.

After all, listening to music and going for a walk can always be improved with the right cannabis treat – and that includes curling up on the couch to watch a scary movie or carving pumpkins with your pod. And if weed is your thing, you’re in luck, because this fall a costume closet full of new goodies will hit the market.

From glowing bath bombs to a Dia de los Muertos can of mini prerolls, there’s something for every reveler who wants to ring out All Hallows Eve with a cannabis assist.

Caliva AlienOG Vape

Caliva’s Alien OG Fresh Flower Vape Cart
$39; 83.47% THC; half gram 510 thread cartridge
These Caliva cosmic cartridges test for nearly 84 percent THC and are truly out of this world. While many vapes don’t mirror their original flower, Caliva’s new Fresh Flower vape cart line uses single-source terpenes derived from in-house flowers. The result is incredible, well, fresh-tasting vapor. One of the brand’s first Fresh Flower offerings is Alien OG, a strain known for its earthy pine and citrus notes. You definitely get enough of both with every hit. Since everyone is mostly stuck indoors on Halloween night, discreetly vaping what is called quality cannabis after aliens seems like a tempting option for the real space travelers and astronauts among us.

Dia de los Muertos prerolls.

Key’s “Skeleton” Mini Prerolls (Dia de Los Muertos Tin)
$39; 20.5% THC; 7-pack half gram joints

Available in more than 40 dispensaries throughout California, Key is making a name for itself as a supplier of high-quality, affordable cannabis. The line’s mini pre-rolls in particular offer an ideal solution to the conundrum of smoking joints during a pandemic. Sure, no one wants to share anything right now, but we’re not always in the mood to drink a full joint due to our lonesome. So Key’s packs of “mini” pre-rolled joints offer a great way to enjoy the experience of a solo hit without leaving a roach behind. To make things festive, their Dia de los Muertos cans are limited edition, adding an attractive and seasonal touch to each 7-pack of .5g joints. As for the flower, it’s a species-specific blend that combines Key’s G4 OG with Gelato 33. Sharp, potent and ready to burn, Key’s mini prerolls might be just what you need to unlock the Halloween spirit.

Kush Queen CBD bath bombs.

Kush Queen’s Glow-in-the-Dark CBD Bath Bombs
$20; 200mg CBD per bomb
Let’s face it: things that glow-in-the-dark are just awesome. From the stars you stuck to your ceiling as a kid to the plastic jewelry ubiquitous at music festivals, we can’t get enough of that enchanting green glow. Now, courtesy of Kush Queens, you can add some eerie relief (along with a hearty helping of CBD) to your next bath. Note: To get the desired effect, you must “charge” these glow-in-the-dark topicals before use in a light source. Not to be missed is the added bonus of 200mg of CBD, which will end up in your bath water along with plenty of essential oils when the bomb dissolves. Think of it as a chance to unwind from the scarier side of Halloween — with a little trick for the record. Glow for it!

PAX3 Evaporator Kit

PAX 3 Vaporizer Kit
$200-$250; Base and concentrate sets available
Who says costumes are only for living things? Now available in a quartet of new colours, the longtime leader in the portable portable vaporizer market is getting their signature product dressed up for the season with the addition of units in Stylish Onyx, Burgundy, Sand and Sage. In reality, these new shades are just a touch up for the PAX 3. First released in 2016, it is widely regarded as one of the best high-end vaporizers out there today. In addition to its aesthetic allure, the PAX 3 lives up to its price tag thanks to the convection oven’s precise heat settings and detailed companion app. Although the app has been removed by Apple, it’s now available again to non-Android users through PAX’s website, meaning you’ll have full functionality while roasting oven loads of fresh flowers this Halloween.

LEVO Brewing group

LEVO II Herbal Infuser
$249.99; Multiple colors available
Have you ever found yourself working in the lab late one night? If so, are you the narrator of “Monster Mash”? If not, good news! Your path to playing mad scientist just got a whole lot easier thanks to the LEVO II herbal infuser. What the hell is that? Essentially, this device takes plant material (be it cannabis, whole herbs, nuts, etc.) and pours it into the liquid of your choice (such as fats, milk or honey). The options are basically limitless, meaning those who are ready to experiment in the kitchen just need to find their own Igor to get started. While the LEVO II can be used to infuse whatever you want, its value as a quick and easy way to produce cannabis butter or olive oil for creating spooky, THC-infused treats makes it a worthy purchase for anyone looking. to a Halloween all their own.

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