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Consumers asked to pick favorites among 28 Mendo cannabis flowers

The winemakers of the Mendocino competition

Mendocino County, which is part of the famous Emerald Triangle in California – known for growing what is arguably one of the best sun-grown marijuana in the world – offers a unique opportunity for cannabis users to choose from. are preferred among 28 cured flower products.

“Despite the fact that Mendocino cannabis has a great deal of name recognition, very few of our premium products are sold in southern Sonoma County,” said Russell Green, founder and CEO of three cannabis-based dispensaries. Mendocino County.

Green’s long-term dream has been to showcase, market and distribute high-quality cannabis flowers, grown in the county, to a wider audience. As a result, “We created the Kure Mendocino Invitational- a consumer-led contest where customers vote to determine first-county growers.”

Mendo cultivators to care for the first round of shoots

“In February 2022, we will have 28-gram ‘champion’ boxes available for purchase by the public. These samples contained 28 individual grams from the first 28 farms. We believe the public is leading the cannabis market. We respect the opinions of consumers and want them to be able to identify the top cannabis in our region. ”

The idea for the Invitational is simple. “When the time comes to harvest, we will accept registration from licensed local farms.” The first 28 participants who meet our high quality standards will participate in the competition. Kure’s staff will do the heavy lifting – testing, packaging, manufacturing and marketing the flower. “

female flower plant cannabis garden
Sun-grown cannabis is a Mendo tradition.

The Invitational starts on September 10, 2021, with an informative dinner just for farmers held at Kure’s Lake Mendocino Drive store.

“We will introduce ourselves to farmers, present the concept of the event and encourage farmers to sign up.” Interested participants should contact Kure at RSVP. Kure will begin accepting high-quality flowers to be picked from October 1st to December 31st. All 28 participants will be featured in a commemorative booklet, and all 28 chips will be sold at Kure outlets and to regional partners.

Customers will have the entire month of February to judge cannabis and submit their votes to a confidential online portal. “Once we have tabled the winners, we will organize an elegant dinner for our farmers and their guests on April 1, 2022. We want to keep this event simple, safe and focused on the people who are responsible for cultivating what they have. it’s probably the best cannabis in the world. ”

“We hope there will be enough interest to replicate the Invitational event throughout the year, thus giving our farmers reliable outlets to sell their merchandise, generating much needed revenue and credibility for our county while creating a fun event, Memorable for our customers and supporters, ”concludes Green.

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