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CLoudV Platinum Blue Gold Vape Review

Getting high has a visual element. This is where vaporizers can lose steam when trying to convince smokers. The vaper still feels the high, but the stimulus of blowing out large clouds of smoke or chalking a bong is missing.

The CloudV Platinum Blue Gold is a small, lightweight concentrate vaporizer that tries to tackle the visual problem by giving a clear picture of the inner workings. For those into concentrates, it is an effective and eminently portable product, with very good battery life for its size.
Many of you know that I am writing an autobiographical novel called The Tiger’s Revenge. Both primary critics of the unfinished work say I’m not visual enough in my prose style. In the case of my friend, Thecla, the criticism comes in such a vague way that I wonder if she’s hiding a bewildered misunderstanding of my work. The other is Stephan, the monkey who serves as my editor and, based on his deep knowledge of San Francisco tenancy law, has become my roommate. He is a ruthless and ruthless critic, without a trace of the heroic compassion he showed when he saved my life in India on that fateful day, years ago, when the tiger found me.

So I’ll try to be visual. The CloudV Platinum Blue Gold seems to be named for its glossy finish, which at least includes those colors. The long atomizer cap with the window in it comes off and wax or oil is loaded into a hollow container that looks like the bell of a very small trumpet. Inside you can see the small heating coil. The single push-and-hold button is activated, and the vapor can be seen rising from the coil through the window.

For me, the rising vapor isn’t the most visually interesting thing – it’s the glow from the coil itself. When I press my eye on this small window, the flared opening of the bin begins to shine until it emits an evil red light – like Sauron’s eye or the miniature cauldron in an infernal steel mill – the setting for the climax of a big budget science fiction movie. . I almost expect to see little men in safety helmets and reflective firefighter suits serving.

However, loading concentrates into the collector is inevitably tricky. I’ve tried wax, which, even with a small spoon to handle it, gets messy. I managed to trick Stephan into escaping to Grass Roots to get some oil, and had a good laugh when my friendly salesman pulled out a fake syringe of the viscous stuff. But the rather alarming packaging was well adapted to load this vape. The oil was the color of honey, but even thicker. I still managed to get small threads of it in a manuscript of The Tiger’s Revenge, drafted by Stephan, who was very unhappy.

As for the device, it’s good. As for the experience, many vape enthusiasts are happier using dry flowers, and I tend to be among them. Two months ago on these pages I had a viscerally unpleasant reaction to another concentrate vaporizer, but I’m doing better with the CloudV Platinum Blue Gold. The oil was guaranteed to contain no solvents, but like the wax, it still has a plastic, industrial taste.

Curious, Stephan took a sip and immediately threw the vaporizer out the open window. (I like a cold breeze on a winter afternoon.) When I returned from retrieving the battered but intact vapor from the alley, I found that he had locked me out. Always resourceful, I climbed the fire escape to get to the kitchen window, but this too was locked. He sat in front of it, facing me but completely ignoring me, ripping the pages of my manuscript apart with his red fountain pen, spraying the walls and floor with a red mist.

I suppose it was my destiny that day to peer through many windows at strange and mind-boggling sights.

Cool Factor: Even with its iridescent finish, this vape is too small to impress the casual eye, but the window feature increases the cool factor considerably.

practical: Loading concentrates will never be easy, but once you have a full charge, this device can last a very long time. It’s so light and easy to use, with such a short wait time for vaping, that it scores highly on practicality.

Affordability: For just $79.99, it comes with a separate USB charger in case the battery runs out on the go, as well as a 1970s-style hard vinyl carrying case — kind of like you’d keep glasses in. Excellent value.

General: The design is very good and, aside from loading, the experience is a breeze. If you like the taste of concentrates and can keep it out of the hands of excitable monkeys you live with, it’s a great vape.

Rating: 4/5

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