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Chin Briefs Sublingual Strips

The future is a lot like Listerine.

In a time before our days were full of fears of climate change and pervasive political corruption, there was a struggle to dominate the fresh breath market. For a period, the impulse part at grocery stores were filled with the latest challengers to the halitosis wars, from sprays like Binaca to the new twists on old classics — remember Altoids Minis?

Treading this rumble to teens of the . to separateir pocket money was another notable contestant: sublingual comics. Meant to be placed under your tongue, where they quickly dissolved and offered the promise of minty fresh breath for your next braces-on-wire hug, they became a ubiquitous accessory for an adolescent night out.

You can relive those days with a little extra height thanks to the folks at Chin Briefs. Available in blends such as cloud buster, Nice dream, and Park life, the beauty of Kin Slips is in their simplicity – and discretion.

Just because cannabis is legal in California doesn’t mean we all want to spend our day smelling our favorite plant. While vaporizers have certainly been a less-than-obvious alternative to an up-close and personal bong, Kin Slips joins other brands like Kiva in offering edibles you can take anytime, anywhere.

All three blends are enjoyable, but each is tailored to the desired experience. With Cloud Buster, each slip is infused with 5 milligrams – considered the industry-wide standard “base” dose in cannabis. Infused with a flavor that blends tarragon and citrus, Cloud Buster briefs are a pretty and subtle option for an afternoon pick-me-up or anyone who wants to feel something (but not too much).

Alternatively, Nice Dream doubles the dosage to 10 milligrams. As the name of the blend suggests, this option is probably best used as a sleep aid or as an addition to a quiet night at home. Built on a taste palette of basil and watermelon, it is another example of Kin Slips’ ability to combine a lively flavor with a well-calibrated high.

Last but not least is Park Life, which serves as Kin Slips’ entry into the burgeoning market of CBD-forward products. Because it uses a CBD-to-THC ratio of 10:1, I absolutely love it. The THC effect is so slight that you can dose it at almost any time of the day. I don’t encourage anyone to get high at work, but you could probably get away with it. With a flavor combination of mango and turmeric, the Park Life blend is an ideal option for someone just getting wet from cannabis, or someone who knows their tolerance is minimal and doesn’t want to torpedo their day.

I’m trying not to put too much emphasis on the packaging, but kudos to the elegant, simplistic boxes these 10-pack strips are collected in. Not only will they slip neatly into your pocket, but they serve as a remarkable contrast to branding that screams “this product is pot” so are best kept in sock drawers.

As far as personal preference goes, I don’t think anything will top the fun of sharing a joint with friends, but of all the items being released right now aimed at a more sophisticated (read: affluent) cannabis consumer, Kin Slips gets the top spot. points for not putting style over substance.

Potency: Varied. Cloud Buster is available in doses of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg THC per slip. Nice Dream comes in 10mg and 20mg options. Park Life only has one option, the extremely subtle 10mg CBD + 1mg THC per slip.

Odor: Chin Briefs have a minimal odor but reflect the flavors listed below. This is not a product that betrays that you are carrying something infused with cannabis.

Taste: Delicious! Cloud Buster has notes of tarragon and citrus, Nice Dream contains basil and watermelon, and Park Life combines mango and turmeric. Each tastes great, but isn’t overwhelming.

Appearance: Kin Slips scores high when it comes to packaging. These ten slip boxes are both subtle and elegant. The briefs themselves look like a square of colored fruit leather.

Medical Application: There is a lot of appeal here for medical users who may be unfavorable to smoke inhalation or who simply want the most discreet option available for ingesting cannabis.

Effect: It varies depending on potency, but Kin Slips are generally a subtle way of medication. The Park Life option is ideal for anyone who wants a kick from THC without risking falling victim to an all-consuming high, while Cloud Buster and Nice Dream both deliver on their respective promise to promote creative energy and tranquility respectively.

Cloudbuster: 4/5

Beautiful dream: 4/5

Park life: 5/5

Kin Briefs retail for $25 to $40, available at pharmacies throughout the Bay Area.

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