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Chic and Discreet

AnnaBís, a women-led company, reinvents the stash bag

Cannabis culture has never been synonymous with the term “fashion-forward,” but the recent spread of recreational and medicinal marijuana in eight states has revolutionized it. Grungy paraphernalia and budget accessories are giving way to boutique products like gold grinders and sleek vaporizers.

What was once a boys’ club — developed by figures such as Cheech & Chong and Bob Marley — now features female icons, such as the Broad City duo and Rihanna, at the forefront. Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch, co-founders of New York-born AnnaBís, their line of odor-resistant bags, which are blazing the trail for accessories.

“Women are, and still are, totally understaffed in the cannabis market,” Moss tells SF Evergreen. “When we started AnnaBís, there were almost no products or services focused on what women want and need. No one was targeting the sophisticated marijuana consumer.”

AnnaBís’ goal was to create a line of stash bags for the modern toking fashionista. Moss considers the line’s style to be “classic with a twist,” using Italian leather (as well as vegan alternatives) and jacquard interiors as its foundation.

Moss explains that her baby boomer friends took bags and tea cans out of their designer bags on a night out with a girl. When she was looking to buy beautiful cannabis carrier bags, the search inspired a business idea.

“AnnaBís was born out of necessity and our bags are designed for sophisticated, practical, sociable and busy women who express themselves through fashion and value discretion,” explains Moss. “They don’t want marijuana leaves on their accessories. They don’t feel the need to tell the world about their marijuana use. They just want something that meets their fashion requirements while offering many functional benefits.”

The fashion company has no intention of renewing cannabis fashion standards. Instead, it aims to appeal to a new breed of female smoker: stylish professionals with a little secret.

“Women want the freedom to be their authentic selves,” added Moss. “But they want to be discreet and avoid attracting unwanted attention from strangers, whether it’s because of stigma or just to keep their private lives private.”

evg08120116_revisedFounded in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, the company recently celebrated its first anniversary and expanded its line of high-quality goods with eight different styles ranging from the small Frankie suitcase to the Lady G shoulder bag. Each AnnaB’s bag comes with numerous interior pockets, as well as a luxurious purple satin bag and branded containers.

All AnnaB’s products are priced from $70 and come with patented Aroma-Bloc technology, which uses thin layers of resin film used in the medical and food industries. This innovative and integral component ensures that the cannabis scent is retained in the bag rather than absorbed. While odor-resistant containers are not a new invention, creating stylish stash bags is certainly a new step in the cannabis market.

Female smokers are now “looking for the tools and equipment they need to enjoy their journey,” Moss says. “As the stigma continues to decline, women are enjoying cannabis more socially and more often in more places, and need something fashionable and functional to take their cannabis with them.”

But AnnaBís isn’t just a fashionable advancement of old-fashioned plastic bags and pop-top containers. The company also gives back. For every purchase made through the online store, $5 will be donated to the Colorado nonprofit Realm of Caring.

“It’s a loving organization founded by mothers whose children have benefited from the Charlotte’s Web strain, which was founded to help children with seizures,” she notes. “RoC ensures that families have access to the medicines their children need wherever they live – and they are doing significant research with Johns Hopkins University to expand our understanding of the use of cannabis for treatments.”

The arrival of AnnaBís in the industry represents a shift towards a more honorable attitude towards female consumers. The company plans to expand its line with “minimalist/unisex accessories and larger load carriers” equipped with Aroma-Bloc technology.

“Over the past year, more products for women have been introduced and there has been a lot more focus, especially in mainstream publications, on cannabis-related products,” notes Moss. “By talking about the 16 million women consuming in the US today, we were able to demonstrate that we are a large, growing mainstream cannabis consumer group that is responsible, productive and important.”

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