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Chalice California: Best Pop Culture References Seen Through Functional Glass Art

Take a hit from the stoned era.  Rodeo glass.

Take a hit from the stoned era. Rodeo glass.

The second annual Chalice California Festival this weekend showcased the best glass and hash concentrates the state has to offer.

The event marks the evolution of cannabis culture towards dab rigs and hash concentrates. Chalice is devoted solely to the burgeoning ‘Dab Culture’, which now hosts a two-day event complete with a music lineup that rivals some of the best festivals around.

The art of functional glass has evolved from cliché skulls or wizard-shaped bongs to graceful oil rigs that hint at the best pop culture every stoner holds dear. Now you can enjoy delicious vaporized concentrates through your favorite cartoon character, rock star or cereal.

That said, here are some of the best pop culture glass art references to be found at Chalice 2015.

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