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Cannabis is a convenient commodity in Michigan

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A supermajority of Michigan residents live near a marijuana retail establishment, according to a geographic analysis by the Anderson Economic Group. That seems to be the best selling access in any state.

The report indicates that, in Michigan, adult retail stores are integrated throughout most of the state. The State also protects unemployment benefits for people licensed for cannabis use outside of work.

“More than 80 percent of Michiganders live now within 20 minutes of an adult retail store,” said Brian Peterson, AEG director of public policy and economic analysis. “Our analysis shows that retailers have established themselves across the state to respond to consumer demand for cannabis.”

Secure access is still blocked in much of the USA

While cannabis retailers have shown they can keep cannabis out of the hands of teenagers, some parts of the country still resist it. Michigan’s experience differs from that of some other states, such as California, where most cities have banned the creation of local retail stores. In New Jersey, where commercial sales are scheduled to begin next year, nearly half of cities and towns have chosen not to allow local marijuana companies.

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Nearly 750 commercial retailers are currently in Michigan. About 55 percent of retailers treat medicinal cannabis patients, while the remaining 45 percent of businesses are adult patients.

The full text of the AEG analysis is online. More information is available on the NORML fact sheet, ‘Social Impacts of Cannabis Dispensaries / Retailers.

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