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Cannabis indoors garden: You can take complete control

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Indoor Cannabis Setup

Buying marijuana outside may seem like an easy thing to do. But, if you want to keep your favorite strains in stock all year round without worrying about quality, growing cannabis is an ideal way to go. In short, you no longer have to think about whether the product is good or not, or what was put on the plants while they were growing.

If you are a beginner, you can find all the guides on growing marijuana. However, before that, you must determine if you are even eligible to grow marijuana in your state.

Let’s not forget that many states still consider cannabis in indoor gardens illegal. However, states such as California allow this practice for anyone aged 21 and over, as long as it is limited to six plants. Therefore, before taking the step of growing your weed strain, understanding the cannabis laws associated with growing it would be very helpful in the long run.

Create a room dedicated to growing marijuana

Assuming you’re eligible to grow cannabis, this setup guide will help get you started in the right direction.

Remember, like any other plant. It is impossible to take cannabis wherever you want. Therefore, you should find a space that is not accessible to others. For example, if you grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, you can choose a small tent or look for a spare room.

However, use the following Indoor Cannabis Setup tips to determine if the area is suitable for growing cannabis.

Look for a space that has proper ventilation. Remember to consider items such as fans, lights, etc. when finishing your area. Also, marijuana plants grow in size. Therefore, your area should be large enough to keep the cannabis plants growing without easily compromising any element.

Choose an area that is far from any form of invasion. But at the same time, make sure you can easily access this growth space.

Soils/Growing Media

You can opt for soil or a water-based medium. It’s entirely up to you. Since most of us opt for soil to grow cannabis at home, we understand what you need.

Ideally, your soil should have soil bacteria. This is why experts suggest choosing a super soil as it can quickly transform nutrients into usable forms. Thus, it allows your plants to use the nutrients effectively. Growers can also opt for DIY options to develop a super soil at home. Just make sure you have bought all the ingredients to create a good soil.

Grow lights

Cannabis Indoors Setup needs light to grow healthily. If it had been an outdoor environment, this would not have been much of a concern. However, when it comes to growing cannabis at home, you must determine if it gets enough light or not! This is where a grow tent kit comes in handy

Ideally, a weed plant needs about eighteen hours of light when it is in its vegetative stage – the requirement changes when it moves into its flowering phase. At the moment, you should provide it with about 12 hours of light a day. Remember, it is the number of hours and the amount of light that holds importance in the growth of healthy plants. So, make sure you keep your area bright.

While there are many options available, LED grow lights are quite popular among cannabis growers. For what? That’s because this technology is very effective. In addition, it lasts longer, which makes it quite a catch for growers. In addition, it offers a wide range of light spectrum, which allows you to achieve greater and better performance.

But, it could put pressure on your electricity bill. This is why you should use an LED grow light calculator to determine the final costs according to various factors. This calculator will consider different stages of the cannabis life cycle to calculate the energy bills of growing a cannabis plant.

Air circulation

Like humans, plants need fresh air to thrive. Therefore, your grow tent must have a stable air flow system such as an ac infinity fan to take the hot air out of this space. You can quickly achieve this by adding a fan to the top of your grow room. However, be sure to add another passive fan in a different direction near your floor to maintain constant airflow. In addition to this, you should add AC or dehumidifiers. This will help you control the temperature and humidity, respectively.

Points to remember:

Like any other plant, cannabis plants also flourish when you provide them with specific conditions. For example, temperature, light intensity, air flow and other factors have a role to play in the stages of cannabis growth.

Therefore, you need to monitor all these factors to keep your cannabis healthy at all stages. Also, remember that your outdoor environment also has an impact on the climate of your grow room. For example, if your area is hot and humid, it will become a challenge for you to control the essential factors of your growing space. However, you can use various equipment such as dehumidifiers, fans, AC, grow lights, and others to create a friendly growing environment.

Growing containers

This depends entirely on the type of growing medium you are using. In addition to this, it will also depend on the size of your plants. You can start with plastic pots, or you can switch to smart or air pots.

Ideally, growers opt for a pot with a size of about one gallon initially and transform the transplant into a five-gallon container. But you can also opt for a container that is more than seven gallons.

Now comes the part where you start checking and caring for your plants:

Indoor cannabis plant care strategy

When you have everything ready and start with clones or seedlings, you need to check your plants every day. You may need to adjust the temperature or humidity levels again and again. In addition to this, you need to pay attention to water and nutrients. Also, you should take some time to check for pests and nutritional deficiencies.

Here is your daily maintenance guide for growing marijuana.

Water the plants and check their pH
Look for any infestations or deficiencies
Remove or remove dead leaves
Check if the cannabis leaves need topping
Check temperature, humidity levels and leaf tips for burning.
Make sure the equipment is working efficiently.


Cannabis Indoors Setup is a rewarding practice. Get your buds the way you like them. So, you should understand all the details before starting your growth journey. Ideally, there are four main stages of growing cannabis (but it depends on the strain you are growing):

The germination phase lasts from three to ten days,
A seedling stage that lasts about two weeks,
A vegetative stage that is about 3-16 weeks, and
A flowering stage is 8-11 weeks.

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