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Cannabis brands band together against climate change

Photo: Humboldt Dry Farmed Cannabis Alliance

More than 50 growers and brands of regenerative organic cannabis, partner dispensaries, allied businesses, and nonprofit advocacy organizations have come together to form. Weed Like Changea consumer education campaign to promote the regenerative organic cultivation of cannabis.

The coalition hopes to shift the industry to environmentally responsible and ethically sound cannabis products. The campaign will be launched throughout California and Oregon on April 11, and will continue through July 11, 2022. For more information about the campaign, see: www.WeedLikeChange.org and the newsletter. countryside.

Weed Like Change Events and educational programming include:

  • Previous: Ribbon cutting ceremony with Brother David founder David Bronner at Sespe Creek Collective, 408 Bryant Circle, Ojai, CA, April 1 at 4:20 p.m.
  • Then: Sun + Earth Panel Discussion on the Environmental Impacts of the Cannabis Industry. With Sun + Earth Certified Farmers Daniel Stein and Tina Gordon; and filmmakers Jesse Dodd and Claire Weissbluth, co-producers of the new documentary Running the garden. Hopper Compound, 330 Indiana Avenue, Venice, CA Wednesday, April 20 from 3-10pm

Financial, environmental viability

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The campaign is designed to increase the financial viability of regenerative organic cannabis brands, improve market access for independent and small-scale legacy farmers, and raise consumer awareness of the role that cannabis production will play. or it helps mitigate the effects of cannabis. climate change.

Convened by the non-profit Sun + Earth Certified, the Weed Like Change The campaign aims to educate cannabis users in outlets, outlets, online, and through a series of educational events, on the environmental benefits of regenerative organic farming in the cannabis industry, and the health benefits of cannabis products produced at organic altitudes. certification standards.

“Broadening the voice of farmers and consumers, and making the connection between cannabis cultivation and climate change, Weed Like Change educates the public on the most pressing cannabis industry issues of our time, ”said Sun + Earth Certified Council President and Regenerative Organic Cannabis Farmer Casey O’Neill.

“The corporatization and mass production of cannabis in energy-intensive domestic stores is unsustainable and has a disproportionately high carbon footprint, and we would like to shift the industry toward more regenerative and socially just production models. This effort it seeks to help consumers understand how raising farmers is a key priority if we are to protect and revitalize our local cannabis economies, ”he continued.

Sun + Earth Launches Educational Grant Program for Qualified Farms, Brands, and Outlets to Help Educate Consumers, Farm Colleagues, and Retail Workers on Regenerative Organic Farming Practices, Ethical Land Management , fair work practices and community engagement, among others. themes. Concession awards range from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 depending on the type of educational programming and whether the beneficiaries of the concession are farms, brands or outlets, and will be distributed in the spring of 2022 to further expand the depth and reach. Weed Like Change educational programming.

Climate disasters threaten family farmers

“Many factors such as climate disasters, fires and droughts, along with economic adversity from onerous regulatory burdens, and falling prices for rampant cannabis production, together contribute to the extinction crisis faced by many small, related “Family artisanal cannabis farms.” said Chrystal Ortiz, founder of Sun + Earth Certified High Water Farm and Herb & Market Humboldt Dispensary. Weed Like Change countryside. “In response to these challenges, u Weed Like Change The campaign seeks to strengthen regenerative organic farmers who have suffered great hardships in a rapidly expanding and increasingly corporatized industry that seeks to monopolize production and market access.

Studies show that consumers support and want access to healthy and environmentally friendly cannabis products, but they need to know where those products exist and where to find them. According to a recent survey of consumers by the U.S. Cannabis Council, more than 1,000 respondents – most of whom are heavy cannabis users – chose “health” and “environment” as the factors. most relevantly guiding their cannabis purchase. Weed Like Change it aims to engage consumers in products that meet these consumer values, and thus strengthen the market for regenerative organic cannabis farms that have long been at the heart of the industry.

U Weed Like Change The coalition includes 23 cannabis farms and brands, and at least 40 dispensaries and delivery services in California and Oregon. For a complete list of farms, brands, and sales companies, as well as available products and where to buy them, visit: WeedLikeChange.org.

Employee training is part of the process

As part of the Weed Like Change campaign, dozens of sales workers will be trained to engage with consumers on the benefits of regenerative organic cannabis. Each campaign partner will also be provided with educational materials including point-of-sale information displays and vertical wall units, wooden medallions, window decals and QR Code stickers that will allow consumers to learn more about organic cannabis. regenerative. Dr. Bronner’s, the best-selling natural soap brand in North America, produces limited-edition Pure-Castile 4oz soap bottles with a special campaign label, in support of Weed Like Change campaign, which will be available at campaign education events.

In an effort to move the cannabis industry in a healthier and greener direction, Weed Like Change urges consumers to sign a commitment in support of regenerative organic cannabis, and to encourage their local dispensaries to carry Sun + Earth and Biodynamic Certified products.

U Weed Like Change The campaign comes as Sun + Earth prepares to celebrate its third anniversary on Earth Day, April 22nd. Founded in 2019 by cannabis industry leaders, experts and advocates with a common commitment to regenerative organic farming, the protection of agricultural workers and the commitment of the community, Sun + Earth. it aims to transform the cannabis industry into a cleaner, healthier and more ethical future. Sun + Earth has certified more than 60 farms and producers in four states – California, Michigan, Oregon and Washington. For more information on Sun + Earth Certified: www.sunandearth.org.

As of April 20, 2022, the Earth’s atmospheric carbon concentration is projected to reach 420 parts per million for the first time in human history. An event held in Venice, California, will draw attention to the large carbon footprint of industrial indoor cannabis production and the solutions that regenerative organic farming practices have for the planet.

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