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Can Marijuana Boost Your Love Life? A woman bets on Sexxpot.

To provoke women to earth-shattering multiple orgasms, all you need is the right weed.

That is the promise of Sexxpot, a cannabis strain that specifically stimulates the female libido.

A low sex drive can be a sign of health problems. But sexual pleasure is also a big part of overall well-being, says Karyn Wagner of Paradigm Cannabis Group, the Humboldt County-based collective behind the sex power flower.

There are now several cannabis-based products on the market that promise enhanced sex. But while infused oils like Foria are meant to be used as a topical, libido stimulant through direct application to the clitoris and labia, Sexxpot is specifically for smoking.

While searching for the right kind to use as a sex aid, Wagner came across Mr. Nice against, an indica-dominant strain with roots in the legendary G13.

Wagner had gone through several trial-and-error experiments with her partner, but the result of this test drive was explosive. Afterward, “We said, ‘That was really good for me,'” Wagner said.

She asked her partner to come up with a name for the cannabis-assisted sexual experience. And “he called it Sexxpot,” she said.

Sexxpot was not specifically bred to increase a woman’s libido. Instead, it’s the strain best suited to elevating a woman’s mood, Wagner said.

“You relax and your senses are at full power. You can have that sensuousness,” said Wagner, who described the general feel of the species as “oh my god, that’s good.”

The usefulness of cannabis as a love aid is no secret, and other indica strains can also help partners bond and relax before coitus.
One factor in Sexxpot’s favor, however, is its moderate THC content, 14 percent, and “negligibly low” CBD content, Wagner said. This combination, she said, allows women to relax in a sensual, sensation-receptive frame of mind.

But does it work for everyone?

“I’ve always been tense during sex,” a woman recently told me at an industry event at Oaksterdam University. Sure enough, after a few drags of Sexxpot, her desire and tactile sensitivity grew.

That wasn’t all.

She and her partner were able to experience synchronous orgasms, and sensational orgasms they achieved with power, she said, giving details that made this reporter blush a little.

Despite women preaching the value of Sexxpot in the bedroom, pharmacies have so far turned the tide.
“The male-dominated buying community doesn’t understand the need for the product. They say, ‘It won’t sell,’ Wagner said. “But you have to tap into a female market and let them know they have it.”

Luckily for local ladies, there are a few pharmacies that welcome women-specific products with open arms. One is Phytologie Wellness, in Oakland, where women make up 40 percent of the clientele, according to Aundre Speciale, the pharmacy’s wellness director and operator.

“There is a huge need” for women-friendly cannabis products, said Speciale, noting that her customer base often notes how difficult it is to find a marijuana product made with women in mind.

So far, Sexxpot is only available at Phytologie and Cannabis Buyers Club in Berkeley. But Wagner has high dreams about her orgasm-inducing cannabis strain. Themed vape pens are on the way, as are edibles.

Sexxpot is also sex positive from a female’s perspective: the strain is grown, marketed and sold exclusively by females. And Wagner is convinced that business success will follow the good stuff in the bedroom. As she put it, “This thing is too cute, isn’t it?”

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