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Book review: 60 Ways to make life ‘Easier’

If the last two years have taught humanity anything, it is that life is not easy.

By now you probably understand that consuming cannabis can smooth out some of the rough edges and bumps in the road, however, it is not a panacea for every point of stress in your life. While cannabis can be very helpful, there are often other steps needed to add balance to life.

“But everything in life … everything … can be facilitated.” With these words, author and business coach Chris Westfall sums up the compelling perspective that informs his new book, Easier: 60 ways to make your work life work for you. It’s worth smoking a joint and reading his advice.

“How am I ever going to get through this?”

“Life is hard. Relationships are hard. Business is harder,” Westfall said. “But through it all, there is a better way.” While he doesn’t say his book will make things “easy,” Westfall’s fresh perspectives can make life easier. easier.

Access to new ideas and possibilities in Westfall’s narrative is simpler than readers will find in other self-help books because Easier it is told as a relatable, direct conversation between a Client and a Coach. The Client is ambushed at work. He got fired on a Monday morning. I believe his wife will leave him because of it. He’s afraid he can’t pay his bills.

From this story of life after career death, new discoveries blossom, revealing 60 insights into resilience, resourcefulness, self-leadership and more. With each new concept, readers may find their perspectives shift from “How did I ever get through this?” to “What can I gain from this?”

Westfall’s insights can be applied not only to the workplace, but to all areas of life.

“Change the conversation”

“Obligations are obligations, duties are duties, deadlines are deadlines, sharks are always sharks,” Westfall said. “But when you present yourself differently, the conversation can change.”

At last, Easier gives an unbiased look at how things work – using neuroscience, history and powerful coaching examples to impart fresh perspectives that are vital to companies striving to create inclusive cultures, to organizations seeking to expand innovation and for individuals who want to deepen their relationships through understanding.

“When it seems like life and career and communication and everything else is breaking down, it’s time to let go,” Westfall said. “It’s time to access a kind of personal freedom that allows you to make different choices. To see things in a different way. People around the world are looking for more personal freedom, more encouragement and more possibility.”

About the author

Chris Westfall is one of the most sought after business coaches and keynote speakers in the world. He has helped launch over five dozen businesses and has appeared on ABC NEWS, NBC TV and CNN. A regular contributor to Forbes, has worked with thousands of executives at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and high-tech startups. A coach for entrepreneurs and leaders around the globe, his clients have appeared Shark tank, Dragon’s Lair and Shark Tank – Australia. He regularly consults with top universities and is the author of three other books, including Language of Leadership.

For more information, visit http://westfallonline.com or http://easier-book.com. You can also follow Westfall on Twitter (westfallonline), Instagram (westfallonline) or Facebook (easierbook).

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