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Best Batteries for Vapes 2022 

When it comes to vape, the size of the 18650 battery is considered the most prevalent. These are the most commonly used batteries in vape mods, since they are readily available, reliable and thoroughly tested. While newer batteries, such as 20700 and 21700, have raised the bar because of their larger size, it’s quite rare to see them in vape mode of multiple or triple batteries. In addition, the manufacturers continue to favor 18650 because it combines a smaller size with a well-proven performance.

This list does not include re-packaged batteries from the general availability of 18650 year old electronics manufacturers. However, it is not uncommon for 18650 batteries to be counterfeit, so always do your research and buy from trusted brands. Significantly, you need a good quality battery that can store power for an extended period of time to enjoy the best vaping experience. However, if you want dab pen batteries for vapes, it is still an ideal decision to stick with the most reliable and durable batteries from the reputable brand.

  1. Samsung 30Q

The Samsung 30Q is a wonderful option for those on a low budget. It has a standard 3000mAh battery that recharges safely and efficiently up to 15A without overheating. In addition, it lasts much longer thanks to the high capacity of 3000mAh and reduces the 15A current. The 30Q is an excellent choice if you want a low production battery with a long life.

  1. Battery Golisi G30 18650 3000mAh

Golisi is a relatively new brand, which has only been around since 2019. This is not to argue that its battery production is incompetent. With Golisi, you get not one, but two high-quality 18650 batteries, which are ideal for your kit, whether you need two for a big box mod like Vaporesso Gen S or you want to replace an empty battery for a fully charged power. up your Lost Vape Grus mod.

It’s never a bad idea to have two batteries in your shoulder bag; Golisi batteries are known for their capacity and quality. Each battery has a 3000mAh power capacity, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a battery that can hold much more. Golisi batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a constant current of 20A, so you can be sure that they will keep your vape at modest powers.

  1. LG HG2

The LG HG2 is among the best vape batteries for up to 20 amps. The significant advantages of the HG2 are its large capacity of 3000mAh and the capacity of gently discharging up to 20A while maintaining a cool and safe operating temperature. The LG HG2 has a 3000 mAh battery, so you don’t need to charge it as often. Depending on your vape, you may experience multiple days of use from a single charge.

  1. Battery Sinowatt 30SP 18650

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Sinowatt is different from some of the other battery manufacturers on this list; rather than having a battery division, their overall concentration as a company is to manufacture 18650 and 26650 batteries, so you know you have an absolute laser focus on battery design when choosing Sinowatt.

Sinowatt 30SP 18650 batteries are designed for vaping devices. They can charge more than enough to last a full day of vaping, and with a maximum discharge rate of 15A, they are perfect for all day MTL or low power vaping.

The Sinowatt 30SP 18650 battery is ideal for almost all vaping devices that require an external power supply, and they are also incredibly affordable.


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The Sony VTC5A is the perfect vape battery for you if you need a battery that can safely discharge up to 25A while staying calm and charged. The VTC5A is a fantastic option because it has a robust power output and a 2500mAh battery capacity. In addition, it is one of the best you can buy in terms of high download and large capacity. Before you start considering real compromises for one or the other, 25A and 2500mAh are about the best you get.

  1. Samsung 20S

The Samsung 20S is the only battery you should consider if you need a cell that can discharge large amounts of electricity while remaining cooler than any other at these charges. Even though the Samsung 20S only has a 2000mAh battery, it behaves admirably up to its current maximum rating of 30A.

The 20S is the only battery that can safely deliver up to 30A without overheating due to low construction on a mechanical mod. However, it is recommended to use up to 20A for best performance. Keep in mind that if you get a 2000mAh battery, you get two plus a battery case that allows you to have a flawless vaping experience.

  1. Compatible Battery BAK N18650CNP 18650 2500mAh

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BAK is similar to Sinowatt and is only engaged in battery production. BAK was founded in 2005 and has provided various battery solutions for nearly two decades, with its 18650 batteries serving several vape sub-ohms.

They don’t carry as much power as other batteries, with a 2500mAh internal power capacity. They are, however, more than capable of handling virtually any vaping device that requires an 18650 battery if used at moderate power levels, thanks to its 3.6V voltage and maximum continuous discharge of 20A.


Always avoid recharging batteries, especially if you use them in a vaping device to power a sub-ohm tank with a high discharge speed. More than eighteen thousand six hundred and fifty batteries are widely available on the Internet; However, purchase from a reliable manufacturer is recommended.

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