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Berkeley’s CRAFT Collective Wins SF Patient’s Choice Awards

The Bay Area medical cannabis community has spoken and they prefer their medicinal marijuana from the CRAFT Collective.

The 9th Annual San Francisco Patient’s Choice presented awards Saturday in recognition of the best cannabis products currently found in Bay Area dispensaries. The patient-rated competition awarded the boutique delivery service CRAFT Collective first place in all flower categories, Smell the truth reports.

The Berkeley-based collective took first flower awards with their Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Tahoe Chem (Hybrid), Raspberry Cookies (Indica) and CBD OG (High CBD). CRAFT’s champion craft strains gained the power of pungent terpenes and high levels of THC, while also being environmentally friendly.

All CRAFT strains are certified by Clean Green, an independent third-party certification that cannabis growers can obtain to prove that their buds are sustainably grown and free of pesticides.

The ceremony at SOMA’s Terra Gallery has become one of the most successful cannabis events in the Bay Area, combining local food and entertainment with the region’s most renowned suppliers and growers of high-quality medicinal cannabis.

IncrediMeds nearly matched CRAFT’s dominance in their respective fields for cannabis-infused edibles by taking home awards for the best Indica (Milk Chocolate Bar with Fudge Pieces), Sativa (Dark Chocolate Bar with Almond and Sea Salt, and Highest CBD (Milk Chocolate Bar with Coconut) Chips ) edibles. They fell one prize to sweep all edible categories, with Madame Munchie taking the first hybrid edible award for their Artisanal Cannabis Macarons.

In their great tradition, the Patient’s Choice awards were chosen by Bay Area patients themselves. Anyone who bought a jury pack — costing several hundred dollars — was eligible to vote in the competition.

View the full list of winners here.

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