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Australian “Stoner Sloth” anti-pot ads ridiculed

An Australian anti-cannabis ad campaign featuring stoned sloths has gone viral, much to the dismay of producers.

The Australian government’s recently-launched PSA campaign ‘Stoner Sloth’ has caused a stir for its outdated portrayal of the negative aspects of marijuana use by portraying teenage weed users as disjointed, overgrown sloths struggling to finish school exams, social conversations or even just passing salt at a dining table.

While the ads generate millions of ironic hits on YouTube, the campaign has been disastrously received for a number of reasons. AdWeek reports.

The far-fetched scenarios portrayed in the ad have been massively ridiculed on the internet since the release of the PSA campaign via memes, parody videos and social media comments. One ad in particular stands out, as a stoner sloth has trouble socializing with his friends at a party where everyone drinks from plastic red cups, which has become a symbol of drinking alcohol.

As if that wasn’t enough to object to, the ads have even generated traffic for Colorado-based pro-cannabis site StonerSloth.com.

The campaign’s massive failure only intensified after proponents of a ban from the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Center (NCPI) distanced themselves from the campaign, stating that their involvement in creating the ads was limited to general recommendations, the guard reports.

“In this case, those general recommendations were things like being aware that teens are intelligent and have access to a lot of information, so campaign approaches should respect them and give them credit by avoiding exaggeration,” the NCPIC said in a written statement.

“While we wish the NSW government the best of luck with future cannabis campaigns, the current stoner sloth campaign does not reflect the NCPIC views on how to approach campaigns that harm cannabis, as suggested by the media,” the statement added.

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