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Amoeba Music is looking for a cannabis pharmacy in the store

By Oscar Pascual |

One of the world’s most famous record stores is turning to cannabis to save the music.

Amoeba Music is currently seeking a license to open a medical marijuana dispensary at the company’s Berkeley location on Telegraph Avenue, the company reports. East Bay Express.

“Weed can help save music — absolutely,” Amoeba co-owner David Prinz told the… emphatically. “Here’s a way.”

The reigning king of Bay Area music retail continues to thrive to this day — better than other major record stores like Tower Records and the long-gone Virgin Megastore — for their willingness to move with the times.

With the advent of digital music, the company switched to promoting second-hand music. When online retailing took off, Amoeba launched its own online platform, which provided buyers with an extensive catalog of artist biographies to browse.

So it’s only logical that Amoeba is taking another step into the future by offering medicinal cannabis alongside an impressive vinyl collection.

“Music and weed go together like — music and weed,” Brian Zisk, founder of the annual SF MusicTech Summit, told the Express.

Marijuana has historically been synonymous with music genres such as jazz and hip-hop. Rock music has been revived by the “stoner rock” of Queens of the Stone Age. And even in pop music, marijuana has played a big part in the careers of MTV darlings like Miley Cyrus and One Direction.

“People already get stoned and end up at Amoeba,” Zisk said. “They’re going to spend four times as much.”

Amoeba’s Berkeley location hopes to replicate the success of their sister store in San Francisco, which opened medical cannabis dispensary, Green Evaluations, last year in the second store of their Haight-Ashbury location.

“It also fits what we do, who we are,” Prinz told the emphatically. “It’s very much a counterculture.”

Once the pharmacy is approved, Prinz hopes to combine the work of world-class musicians with equally impressive cannabis.

“Amoeba has some really good friends who grow really beautiful strains,” Prinz added.

Berkeley is in the process of adding a pharmacy to its existing stock of three. There are six applicants for a solitary permit. The city council is expected to make a decision within six months.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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