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Activists lead 4/20 relief mission for Ukraine

Prepare to land.

A group of cannabis legalization activists has decided to take a different approach to the April 20 marijuana party, affectionately known as 4/20. Deliver aid packages to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Adam Eidinger, who successfully led and managed the 2014 voting initiative to legalize cannabis in the District of Columbia, leads his gang of Washington DC cannabis activists on a humanitarian mission in Poland to provide 950 pounds of food and necessary supplies to refugees. He first led the Joints for Jabs campaign to vaccinate people against Covid 19.

This is the group’s second humanitarian relief mission to help Ukrainian refugees in the last two months. The first mission in Romania and Moldova was kept secret because of warnings that the group could be at risk of harm from Russian agents or allies in those countries if word spread about what they were doing here. .

The activist group included Kris Furnish, executive director of Maryland Marijuana Justice (MDMJ) and an employee of Brother David’s and Sun + Earth Certified (funded and supported by Dr. Bronner), wearing dreadlocks. Adam Eidinger wears pink and a tie.

Poland is a safer destination for relief

The same fears do not exist for a mission in Poland, which has a large NATO presence and has taken precautions to help relief workers. Cannabis activists provided nearly a ton of supplies needed on that first trip.

“We can’t standby and not at least try to do something to help make a terrible situation a little more comfortable for people driven from their homes by a despot and their shock troops,” Eidinger said. “We have the means, we have the will and we have the obligation.”

Although there are some serious costs out of pocket, some of the funding for the humanitarian mission comes from Dr. Bronner’s soap and the entities linked to Dr. Bronner.


Adam can be reached at [email protected]

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