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25 Years of legalization – Prop 215 anniversary panel videos posted

The arrest of Brownie Mary Rathbun for medical marijuana was an impetus for legalization.

Proposition 215 was a state voting initiative passed by California voters in 1996 with historic consequences. California NORML has published records of its historic and memorable history 25th Anniversary of Prop 215 Conference online and makes them available on their Youtube channel.

“We will also be sponsoring a Lobby Day in Sacramento on May 10, in conjunction with ASA (Americans for Secure Access), following a two-year Covid break,” said Cal NORML Director Dale Gieringer. “Many important factors relevant to medical marijuana are pending, in terms of access to medical dispensaries; drug testing; taxes; family custody and more.”

Prop. 215 was the first law to effectively legalize the cultivation and possession of medical marijuana by individual patients and caregivers, subject to the recommendation or approval of a physician. His ambiguity has led to several unnecessary arrests, but he has also dug a path due to court interpretations. For example, when Tuolumne County tried to impose an arbitrary and impractical limit on how much a patient could own, the Mower Supreme Court ruling stated that patients were allowed any reasonable amount in relation to their medical needs. .

Legislature created then ended ‘420 collectives’

bakken mn conrad norris Prop 215 museum
The Bakken Museum in Minnesota was one of the first to include the history of marijuana and Prop 215 as part of its exhibit..

Seven years later, in 2004, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 420, which provides legal protection to patients who have grown or even sold a “reasonable” amount of medical marijuana to other patients. The protected amounts listed in the law were allowed to uphold Kelly’s Supreme Court decision: But only as a safe harbor limit, not a legal ban.

The “420 collective” defense was removed by the legislature in 2015 and replaced by a regulated system known as MCRSA and, a year later, the legalization of adults in 2016, when voters pass the Prop. change since then.

The following links lead to the segments, as described below, including the names of the panelists presented.

  • Session 1 – The Prop. 215 Procedure – Dale Gieringer, AG Bonta ,, Sen. Wiener, Dennis Peron, Jeff & Bryan Peron, Wayne Justmann, Lynne Barnes, Anna Boyce, Valerie Corral, Ross Mirkarimi, Tom Ammiano
  • Session 2 – The Campaign Prop 215Dale Gieringer, Ethan Nadelmann, Bill Zimmerman, Dave Brother, George Zimmer, Jim Gonzalez, Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris
  • Session 3 – Medical Marijuana Pioneers: Doctors, Patients and Caregivers – Fred Gardner, Jeff Hergenrather, Elvy Music, Paul Scott, Lynnette Shaw, Joe Airone, Donald Abrams, Frank Lucido, Beverly Mikuriya
  • Session 4 – The legal struggle – Bill Panzer, Dan Abrahamson, Jeff Jones, Rob Raich, Pebbles Trippet, Amy Povah, Dale Schafer, Ed Rosenthal, Aaron Sandusky
  • Session 5 – Waiting Forward: Access, Equity and Human Rights – Ellen Komp, Ian Rassman, Kandice Hawes-Lopez, Amber Senter, Bram Goodwin, Sean Kiernan

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